Laptop Problems

Uh…..Wiley, I think, chewed through my recharge adaptor. It’s a good thing husband has same brand laptop (I have his old one) so I can recharge when necessary. I probably won’t be using mine as much until I get another adaptor. Such is life. There goes my Spider Solitaire. 🙁

Patriot 1.2 o-rings

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knew the size of the two orings on the base of the Patriot 1.2. I can’t measure mine because they are both broken. I know I can go to the hardware store and try various sizes, but I figured I would see if anyone knew the size before I go searching. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

I’m sick and tired of the HATERS telling me "how bad vaping is for you"

Time to rant a bit…

I’m so sick and tired of the "know it all’s" telling me how bad Vaping is and they heard on the radio that studies found "Bla"
and it must be as bad as tobacco cigarettes or why would they ban it in New York, and the FDA said they tested a bunch of ejuice‘s and
found cancer causing toxins, bla, bla, bla…..

It’s like shut the hell up.
Look, as far as I’m concerned it’s way less harmful, if not mostly harmless compared to the 2 packs a day of cigarettes I used to smoke
for over 30 years. With vaping I quit smoking same day and haven’t smoked since (almost 2 months now) for the first time in over 30 years!!

Why must people be so negative about something they know nothing about?
I’m tired of explaining what Vaping is and that it’s safer than smoking.

Seems they complain more about less harmful Vaping than they ever did about me smoking cigs. Give me a break!!!

I’ve done my hours and hours of research investigating the pro’s and con’s of Vaping, the medical studies etc..etc..
To me it’s a pretty harmless nicotine delivery system compared to tobacco cigarettes. Big tobacco companies, government and some health organizations with hidden agendas stand to loose Billions of dollars when people stop smoking cigarettes. So I guess they’ll do what they can to discourage people from Vaping in any way they can.
Pitiful is all I can say to the uneducated people against Vaping.


Please help :) I just can’t fully understand an lp reo

Hey guys,

as as title says I am just having a brain freeze, blonde moment whatever ya wanna call it – but I just can’t grasp the difference between a low profile reo and a regular one. I think if I had them in my hands I would get it right away but I don’t 🙂

I have read other threads on it still no luck – I don’t understand what milled down vs not milled down is. I have one kayfun clone and obviously don’t need or want to vape it on my reo grande as I have an rm2 but I did notice it doesn’t fit. I guess the catch up it’s called is too high and the 510 connection on the kayfun can’t reach down far enough to make contact with with reo.

does the lp give you more options in terms of outside (not sold at reomods) rbas and rdas that will fit it if those attys have a bottom hole for juice to flow

Howver, I hear rob is getting some additional types of rbas and will make them to be able to fit and work with our reos – so with this new news that additional rbas will be avail what advantages that an lp has and what disadvantages an lp has? I already own a regular reo grande

the lp is more money so I’m assuming it offers something more – but what is that exactly ?

And input put would be great and appreciated greatly !

Finally bought a mech and I have a few questions

So after a few months of reading around this place in regards to battery safety, mechanical mods, etc. I finally decided to purchase a mech mod. Saw that vape royalty was having a sale and I picked up a hcigar stingray clone for $39. Anyways I have a few questions in regards to batteries and chargers.

First, I plan on using sony vtc5 18650s. I want to go with the best batteries and the general consensus around here seems to be these are the best. One thing I’m confused about is button top vs. flat. On kidney puncher I see they have two versions of the vtc5s…flat and button top. What should I order? What is the big difference? Advantages/Disadvantages? Of all the reading I have done around here I couldn’t find a good explanation.

Next, I plan on buying a good Xtar charger. Looking at going with either the VP1 or the WP2. I see the main difference is the digital screen that shows what your battery level is at. Is that the only big benefit of the VP1 over the WP2? I also plan on buying a smok omnitester to measure my voltage when firing and general battery level voltage. If I have this device could I just save money and go with the WP2 charger? As far as an ohms meter is concerned, I already have one. Bought one from my local vape shop a few months back.

Last thing, what is everyone’s favorite site to order rebuildable supplies from (wire, cotton, batteries, chargers, battery holders, etc.) I been looking at kidney puncher and they seem pretty legit. I have found some sites that offer lower prices on the chargers but kp seems really competitive so far. Would like one site to use instead of multiple ones.

Anyways can’t wait to jump into the mech world. Still very cautious but finally feel confident enough with my knowledge to try mechs. Also this community has been awesome. So much knowledge here. A few months ago I found this link and it has been a tremendous resource for battery and mech education.
<a href="!521076!″ target=”_blank”>…l#post12059672
So far I have read all the links and videos contained in that post. Still searching and learning too. Thanks in advance for replies.

Kanger Protank 2 Rebuild

Hello everyone!
So I’m looking at rebuilding the atomizer for my Kanger Protank 2. I have a spare atomizer that I don’t use because it has higher resistance, 2.2 ohms, and I’d like to rebuild it. I have 36g Kanthal wire and 2mm silica wick, how can I rebuild the atomizer to produce more vapor and flavor? Longer wicks? More wraps on the coil? My battery is a Kanger VV, 3.2v-4.8v, so I can put out more power than what I usually have it set to (3.6v), but would something like a sub-ohm coil do what I’m trying to achieve? Any tips or a link to a rebuild guide, anything like that would be absolutely great. Thanks!

Just quit smoking 7 days ago, when does it get easier? : (

I’ve been looking around and i’ve seen mention that the cravings never really stop, some people even saying they have them years later. Which in my eyes makes it seem hopeless. I had planned to use vaping as a crutch to get off smoking then stepping down my nicotine to get off of vaping (even though i might stay with 0 nicotine since i sort of like it 😉 ). I started at 18mg but have since dropped to 6mg since i puff on mine quite a bit and 18mg was making me feel sick, and 6mg just seems like i can regulate the amount i get better. So what i guess i’m wondering is, am i stuck vaping to constantly get past this craving for a cigarette and then even after the craving for cigarettes is gone, how hard will it be to stop vaping.

Still cigarette free, and will remain that way just wondering for the future really.

Caravela Clone / RDA Advice

Hello everyone! After being off the forums for the last several months, I have found my way back to the <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF Community! Its good to be home 🙂

Now down to business…
After way too long on the wait list to get an authentic Caravela without success, I have decided to get a clone to play with until I get my real one. This will not be my daily vape as I have several other mods which I enjoy & have earned their place in my vape "Hall of Fame". I am trying to figure out what’s the best RDA to go with it? Style and performance, so when my real Caravela comes, Im ready to go.

Also, on a side question for those that already have the clone, is it made for a flat top or button top battery? I have both for different mods but I’m placing a new battery order soon and wanted to get an extra for the clone. I know it doesnt matter for the real Caravela since it comes with different sized contacts but Im guessing that the clone does not.

Any input would be great. Cheers :toast:

First Post

I’ve been reading here for a while and I think it’s time to get posting privileges. There’s a wealth of information available and it has been a pleasure learning from you all. I’d like to thank every contributor for helping make this transition (analog free for a month) easy and enjoyable. I never thought of smoking as a hobby but this is turning out to be so much more than just vaping. Time to join the conversation.


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