White ring insulator in 510 connection

So I wanted to dismantle the 510 pin out to flush the 510 connection. It was having some side flavour from past juices. After removing the 510 pin, I ran water down both sides (inside and outside). By doing so, the white ring insulator came off and went down the drain 🙁 Is the mod still safe to fire? I tried reassembling back without that white ring and it seems to still work. Annoying thing is that the side flavour is still there! :facepalm:

New member saying hello and have a question

Hello everybody! My name is Charlene and I have been vaping for three months now. I have been reading this forum for about a month. Always such great information. I look forward to getting to know all of you 🙂

I do have a question…

Do all glassomizers and clearomizers tend to mute the taste of the e-juice?

The reason I am asking is because I started out using Blu, then switched over to an ego C (1000mah) with an Aspire BDC glassomizer (2.1 ohm atty). I have also dripped with the ego C battery and a 510 atty (lots of great taste) and I have a vaper Zeus (900 mah) with the Smileomizers (also great taste). For some reason the Aspire BDC glassomizer doesn’t give me much flavor at all.

I don’t know if it’s me doing something wrong or what. Thanks for all your help in advance.

What are your top 3 eJuice Companies?

I’m compiling a list on what kind of ejuice companies people consider are top notch!
It can be American, Canadian, or International ejuice Companies.
It doesn’t have to be in any order.
Please follow the format below because I’ll be doing this by copying and pasting, and it would be so much easier for me to compile the lists. I will be putting updates on the votes, and 1 message per person please. It helps me keep things accurate by not counting double votes by accident. Thanks in Advance! :tongue:

Please follow the format:

– ejuice company
– ejuice company
– ejuice company

Beware of sites selling Koh Gen Do at outrageous prices…..

There are several on-line stores taking advantage of the "Japanese organic cotton" trend. Koh Gen DO, or Serena, Muji, Shiseido etc. These cotton pads average 12 to 15.00 a box of 60 pads , which are then split in half and you get enough for a long, long time.

The buzz is getting around so there are some sites selling it for up to 2.00 a pad. I think this is outrageous and criminal. Some might say that if someone is fool enough not to do a simple Google search then too bad. I dont think so. These are fellow vapers that are supposed to be helping etc. I can understand a "mark-up" but REALLY?

There is one place that sells it with the name of Chaddos , they say it comes from Japan and is grown in secret valleys and picked by , who the heck cares…
THen there is Ejuices.com that sells it for 2 dollars a pad. If it is not cool to post the names, then Im sorry.

Just beware….. If you really want to try the cotton you can get a box from Sephora, the Dermstore or Barneys Ny for 12.00 and free shipping.

This is just horrible to take advantage of people.

I just did another search and found another site selling it for 3.00 a pad. Complete with an audio "person" on the site claiming to be the best of the best and working for the "community" Eliquid.com

Provari photos w/ Black Provari ring and different tanks

Hey all, tank addict here a new one gets released…gotta have it. So I had to get the Black beauty ring to make them all look their best. It was definitely worth the purchase. I have the Provari Mini and an extension cap. I took some photos of my tanks with the ring and with and without the extension cap.

Just bought the Aerotank Mega today, hits decent with great flavor. I like the unique look.

My latest acquisition, the Kanger Aerotank Mega:

I really like my Kayfun, went to the store and saw this sitting in the counter. I was skeptical at first of a clone but read some great comparisons, the guy had his own and let me hit on it….sold!

The new Black Russian 91%:

I’ve liked this from the beginning, I switch between the 2 medium holes, it hits nice, good flavor, smooth, but fragile with so much exposed glass.

The Aspire Nautilus:

Love this and the Russian with Micro coils and cotton between 1.2 and 1.5 ohms at 3.5-3.8 volts. Can’t beat the flavor, love these rebuildables.

Authentic Kayfun Lite Plus:

The ring just ties it all together, great looking with the big tanks, I prefer it over the stainless steel, and the thin exposed stainless top cap of the Provari adds to the look.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and thoughts 🙂

Nautilus rebuild leaking

So using 28 awg following rips guide I’m getting 1.6 1.8ohms. 8 wraps. But I am having leaking problems. Leaking into the base and lots of gurgling. Am into using enough cotton? Tried placing in both the slots the stock ones were. Not having watched problem with my protank recoil leaking

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