Kanger Mini Protank 2 leaking fix

I have only been baling for 6 weeks or so and have a Mini Protank 2. I have had several problems with leaking, burnt taste and gurgling from my Mini. I tried flipping the coil seal around which seemed to help the wicking problem but was still getting the leaking. After messing around with it I decided to remove the seal around the coil (the one around the stem of the coil). It works great now!! No leaking or gurgling, no burnt taste from a dry wick!! My mini is working great now!! Not sure why that seal is even on there because it doesn’t seem to need it at all!!

How fast did you lower your nic level ?

Hey vapers,

I’m only 2 weeks in, vaping 12 and 18mg juice (depending on the situation). I want to lower over the course of the next few months (I have a medical condition that is said to be worsened by nicotine usage so ultimately, I need to wean myself off it completely) and was wondering how fast did you guys go ?

I know it’s different for every person and I will have to listen to my body, but I’m curious 🙂

Golden Oreo Cheesecake

If you don’t like sweet vapes, you probably won’t care for it.

3-4% TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust
2% FA Vanilla Classic
2% FA Cookie
0.5% FA Meringue
0.5% FA Fresh Cream
0.5% TFA Brown Sugar

Golden Oreo Cookie Flavored. I call it cheesecake, but it reminds me more of cake, honestly. It’s really fluffy-ish, pretty sweet, so I’d taste it before adding any sweetener at all. Doesn’t need it!

Someone suggested adding a touch of FA Cocoa, so it might give you an original Oreo.

Hope you enjoy it!

New vaper dropping in

Hi guys,

I recently got into the amazing scene of vaping. It is a whole new world which has been hidden from me. It is like discovering neverland! Haha

Currently on panzer mechanical mod with a nautilus tank, and i am located in Singapore at the moment.


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Hit a year

Just realized I hit my one year mark. Went from my starter set of ego Twists and Evods to an MVP and IBtankeds. Now I’ve moved onto mods and Kayfuns. Went from cheap juice to expensive juice back to cheap juice. I feel better, breath better and in the end save money to boot. On top of that it’s a great community to be a part of. It’s been a great year! :vapor:

kayfun clone help (EHPro)

Hey guys im looking for anyone that is using the EHPro clone of the kayfun lite or lite+. ive seen the reviewing of the kayfun and the russian 91% by Phil Busardo but looking for something closer to my price range for right now. 😀

my basic questions on the clones are
how is the build quality
vapour production
flavour of e liquid used (love flavour :laugh:
current builds (ohms kanthal/nichrome gauge cotton silica or ss)

not really looking for sub ohm builds or anything wild just a simple man with simple tastes. me likes me flavour and me likes me vapour.

thanks guys any and all input will be appreciated