suggestions on a carto tank

I’m looking to buy a carto tank to use with my mvp2 and I’m curious what your suggestions are. I’ve never used a cartomizer before. I’ve been using an areotank, iclear30, and a bunch of cheap clearomizer tanks. I’m going to invest into a Kayfun, but I also wanted to tryout some carto tanks as well. I’m really just trying to try everything to find what I like best. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

Provari V3

Sorry, I might be a bit late to the party on this one, but I did a search and only found archived threads for provari V3.

So, here’s the deal.

My local vape shop owner told me today that Provari has a new model coming out (look at pbusardo’s Provari tour, he hints that they’re working on a new model). The owner told me that Provari is going to be allowing each distributor to purchase one demo/test version of the "new" Provari to test out and give feedback on for 30 days, and if the feedback is good, then Provape will release the new model for retail sale.

Has anyone else heard about this? I’ve been putting off buying a Provari for a few months now, but if they’re coming out with a new one, I might have to buy the V3 (Hopefully it’s VW, I like VV but variable wattage is SOOO much nicer).

Thanks for feedback, I want to know if anyone else has heard this or if I’m the first one.

My mini pt3 please help!

So I ordered both mini PT 2 & 3. Really loved the 3. vape & taste was great. I took apart to clean & ever since it’s been so airy I get no vapor? My tip broke off while in it so thought maybe somehow something happened. Don’t think it’s that, worked so good. Any ideas or suggestions. Hate being down to only 2 tanks :ohmy: :ohmy:

Vaped in starbucks

I vape in pretty much all stores I go into, never had an issue. Never even had someone ask me anything except one time last week

I was vaping in starbucks, blew out a big cloud soon as a server walked by and he went "oh man you almost gave me a heart attack, I thought you were smoking in here" I just busted laughing 🙂

Copper LP getting dark

I know the copper gets dark with use, but I’ve not even had mine a month and am shocked by how quickly it has become dark. I just tried cleaning, brasso, rinsing it and it’s still quite dark. Is there a way to restore the original look?

Either way, I want to clear coat it before it goes any further. What product(s) are recommended to do so? Any tips for applying besides keeping the coating out of the 510, button, etc?

ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Also, Silver vein LP Grand arriving this week. Will I wnt to coat that one as well to keep the finish intact?

cotton wick

Made my first coils didn’t look to bad and I got the ohms pretty to close to what I wanted I was overall pleased. Only problem was I used organic cotton balls to make the wick and it tasted horrible. I thought it might not be moist enough so I kept adding fluid waiting to see if I needed more once I knew for sure that wasn’t the problem I fired it up again still horrible burnt taste. I tried to do if it would go away but it didn’t. Any ideas why it might have been so bad