Kayfun 3.1 & Igo M

So i had my Kayfun 3.1 and nemisis for about 4 days now and it finally working out pretty good. I got about 1.2 ohms by about 8 wraps around 1/16 bit with 28 a1 kanthal. It produces a decent amount of vapor but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for getting a little more. I know its not meant for cloud chasing but I want a little more. Would moving to 26 gauge at about 1 ohm give me more clouds? Any advice would be nice.

I will be getting my igo m in a few days. Any suggestions on builds?

I purchased an ohm meter a few days back and it was working fine until last night. But whenever I put the Kayfun on it the readings start changing constantly. But when I place my i16 clearomizer it works fine. Also when I was taking my Kayfun off the meter I noticed a small white/ clear o ring just sitting there inside. I don’t think it from the Kayfun though.


Taifun GT help

I am anexperienced vapor but I can’t get this damn thing to run smooth at all. I’ve tried silica, ekowool, cotton, mesh, and even Koh Gen Do cotton(my favorite at the moment) for it(worked the best out of all the others but still ended up failing after a short time.)

I am using 28g kanthal and running at 1.0 ohms. I’ve tried taking the center pin and insulator out to create a larger airflow but I kept flooding it. I put those back in and I got it to run a little better. That fixed the flooding problem but my main problem is wicking. I keep getting dry/burnt hits which eventually ruins the cotton. My coil builds are running flawlessly. I just don’t what I’m doing wrong in the wicking portion of my build. Any tips, guys?

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Looking for a new set of batteries.

Well, right now, I am running three panasonic 10a batteries, and one efest 1600 30a batteries. For the most part, these have been doing well for me… the 30a for my sub ohming, and the 10a for my .8a and above coils (my main vapes). However, I think it’s time to start looking for some new batteries.

So far, It’s come down to the efest purples, and the sony vtc5’s. What I am looking for is a fairly high MaH battery that supports at least 30a. I mainly vape around .8 ohm single coil for my ADV, or 1.8 ohm for my kicked nemesis/vamo. Occasionally, I find the need to vape from my .4 ohm dual coil Aqua. looking for a long lasting battery for my ADV higher ohms, but don’t have to worry about which battery is ok when I decide to go down to my sub ohm build.

Has anyone tried these two? anyone know if one edges slightly ahead of the other? I’ve been reading the charts for both, but I’m looking for real world experience. Must be 18650, since that’s what all my mods are based on.

your suggestions/comments?

my latest MadVapeMail

I bought an ARO Pyrex (v1) from Madvapes when I *first* started vaping and found I couldn’t put cinnamon in a plastic tank. It was such an awesome price, the only one in stock at the time was the red one, so I got it, and have loved it ever since, but harbored a secret yen for a battery to match it — but I hate the kind of batteries with the stainless "collar", those little buttons on those collars are so hard to find by touch alone. But then I saw that SmokTech made an ARO Winder *without* the hated collar, in red, and Madvapes had them — for the best price I could find anywhere! Just imagine the banana-dancing that ensued! Well I finally got to order one, and it arrived today, and it looks so elegant, I just had to share… (it’s got some yummy pineapple in it, so it tastes as good as it looks!)

Thanks Madvapes!! You’ve made my ARO complete! 😀


Found a juice !

Found the first juice I really like !:banana: It’s called the virus by nicoticket. I have to admit I was reluctant to vape something called the virus. I can see why they named it that. It’s infectious ! 🙂 I’ve been vaping it all evening. I still can’t tell you what it tastes like. It’s smooth though ! There are all these hints of flavors that seem to constantly change yet compliment each other.

Help! Pretty sure my Itaste vv is a goner, but just in case…..

I’ve had my Itazte vv for about 8 months now ( bought new). Tonight while baking I noticed the display was on. I thought maybe I had set something on top of it, but no. 4 hours later and it is still on. Can’t vape, doesn’t charge. I’m hoping the battery will die and "reset" itself. Any insights would be welcome. My backup is crummy so if its a replacement I need, so be it.