My Vision for the Future

It’s been a year for me and much longer for the pioneers. And I know, beyond a shadow of any doubt, how ridiculously superior vaping is to smoking. How much more enjoyable, healthy, versatile, aesthetically pleasing, tolerable to others, etc, etc.

It’s to the point now that I see someone with a cigarette and I think… Why? Why in the world would anyone smoke anymore? There is truly no point – no need. It’s outlived itself and has been replaced more effectively than ANYTHING has ever been replaced. Why would ANYONE ever smoke when they can vape? When the technology and innovation have produced a solution so much better than the problem, that the problem is now inherently passé.

Especially when I see young people smoking. This is a matter simply of information deprivation. Nothing more.

I dream. I dream of a world in which no young person ever thinks of taking up smoking. Because to do so would be as anachronistic as buying a horse and buggy instead of a car. A world where cigarettes and all the illness they bring are a thing children read about in history books. A world that does not inhibit vaping with statutes and ignorant taxation/regulation because lawmakers know the value of human health and innovation.

I dream. And I don’t think we are too far from the edge of this dream. We need doctors and lawyers and judges and hospital administrators and senators and professors. We need research and investors. We need each other. We can change the world. We are already doing it, a little at a time.

Raise a glass to the future, and picture a world where no child ever grows up to light a cigarette. Ever.
See you there.

TO ALL THE DIYers… advice please!

ok so I want to <a href="”>diy… I know SAFTY SAFTY SAFTY!!!! but besides that… how many fails did you have, or where you successful the first time… where did you get your supply’s from and what is the cheapest with the highest quality.. I know of Wizzard labs but what else… how do you steep and how long… basically is it easier than it sounds??… if you can answer any of these questions please post… and if you have any other advice please share! thanks so much guys!!!:toast:

Vape Blast = Phil Busardo, CASAA, SFATA, & MORE – by: admin

We are happy to announce that vape Blast 2014 2.0 will be held in San Antonio, at the San Antonio Event Center. Phil Busardo, CASAA, SFATA and The Vaping Militia will be speaking and having Q&As. There will be workshops, a Cloud Competition and Giveaways. Under 18 years of age NOT admitted. Admission is FREE to attend for all three days.

For Info Visit [url=]​vapeBLAST.COM[/url]

Or Visit The [url=​groups/vapeBlast/]vape Blast Facebook Group[/url]