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ATTN VENDORS! We are giving away a Free vape Blast Booth 2014 2.0 (San Antonio). Must be a vape Supplier, vape store or vape Vendor to qualify. If you would like to win a Free vape Blast Booth email with the subject line (Free vape Blast Booth) before June 15, 2014. The entries will be given a number as the email is received and validated. A random number generator will be used to pick the winner.

Vape Blast 2014 2.0 (San Antonio) – Texas Vape Con – by: admin

Announcing vape BLAST 2014 2.0 (The first of its kind in San Antonio)

vape Blast 2014 2.0, will be offering free admission, free entertainment to all attendees. vape Blast 2014 2.0 will have vendor exhibits, entertainment, guest speakers that will share expertise on pending regulatory issues, classes from how to build an RBA to what the differences are in the various vaping options and other relevant topics to the vaping industry. If you are new to vaping or a veteran, there is something for everyone. Attendees must be 18 years of age or older. No children under 18 allowed.

vape Blast 2014 2.0 will be held in San Antonio, at the San Antonio Event Center. The San Antonio Event Center is a great location with tons of space for vendors, presentations and activities.

vape Blast 2014 2.0 Dates and Times:
Friday August 15 from 5pm-10pm
Saturday August 16 from 12pm-10pm
Sunday August 17 from 12pm -6pm
The address is 8111 Meadow Leaf Dr, San Antonio, TX 78227

vape Blast is giving FREE GIVEAWAY (RAFFLE) TICKET! The only way to receive FREE giveaway (raffle) tickets is to register on [url=​][/ur​l]. The raffle tickets are for giveaways during vape Blast 2014 2.0.

If you have any questions, comments or need further information, please send an email to or

S.S. Vape Ocean City Maryland and Berlin, Maryland – by: DaveH

Check out the 2 newest S.S. vape locations!

Ocean City Location, on Philadelphia between 18th and 19th (Just 2 blocks from the boardwalk)
1806 Philadelphia Ave.
Ocean City, Maryland

Berlin, Maryland Location, just East of Stephen Decatur Highschool, next to the Shore Spirits liquor store.
10818 Ocean Gateway
Berlin, Maryland

We give a lifetime warranty on all of our S.S. vape Branded Batteries, and most mods.

We carry our own line of juice S.S. vape , Suicide Bunny, Halo, Five Pawns, Pink Spot, Fuzion Vapor, G2 Vapors, G2 Prime, Helios and Backed vapes.

juices we will be carrying shortly are The Potion, Cheshire Imperium, and e-cigar

My first Reo!!

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SO glad that I took some GREAT advice from <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF veterans and got a Reo. It is, by far, the best vape I’ve had! :vapor:

Already looking forward to seeing what comes next (have my eyes on the classifieds for a woodvil…but I think everyone else does too…lol)

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Constant discontent..Need more!! Anyone else?

In the past three months, I have completely made the move to vaping over smoking. Starting on a twistie, then to an MVP, and now on an M16 clone, I still feel as though I can’t be content with what I have. I won’t even touch a regulated device for the most part now. My normal coil setup is around 0.19 ohms on 22 gauge duals with an 9/8 wrap about 1.6 mm ID. This is on a Stillare RDA attached to my HCigar Sentinel M16 with Sony VTC5 batts; not even using tanks anymore. Still not enough vapor production it seems like.

I like to be quite competitive and do most things a little over the top so I have that itch for more all the time. I can’t seem to get off the plateau I’m on right now no matter the build setup. I’ve completely lost interest in my EHPro KFL+V2 and drip all the time because of the increased airflow of my Stillare. It seems though, that I can’t create a setup that will satisfy my urge to, for example, "vapebox" a car in two hits lol:vapor:. Tried a Magic Mundy dual coil today along with a quad 24 gauge and couldn’t get the 20 gauge attempt to fit in just yet (gonna try on a 26650 set up). None hit more than my normal build but I still want more.

Who else deals with these urges to always want more out of your vaping? How are you satisfying them? Should I go ahead and bite the bullet and order a 26650 setup?

Please….Make it stop!

Make it stop…these so called "vape Shops" popping up all over the place. Alot are not a "bad" thing, but it is going too far. Everyone seems to want to jump into the new "fade" and know nothing about it.
I had to make a trip to one of these so called vape shops….Forever vapes in Houston.I was floored from the minute I walked in there.

First I walk in there for a few things the first being juice. I asked for cappuccino, and was told they sold no cappuccino or coffee flavors as they were to harsh on your lungs. At first I thought they might be kidding, but came to find out they really had no such flavors in the store.
Since I was in "need" I had to decide on something to hold me over. I decided on something and they proceded to ask me the strength. When I told them 24mg, they both looked at me like I was crazy. They said.."No One sells 24mg anymore, studies have been done that have shown 24mg to be hazardous to your health":confused: WOW, I misses that study.

You can imagine my frustration by now, but that wasn’t the end. I also needed a battery for my Provari mini. The guy procedes to give me a flat top battery, which I explain won’t work, I need a button top. He then decides he could maybe sell me a "BETTER" piece of equipment:facepalm:. I of course turn that down so he then comes up with a brilliant idea. Just use his flat top battery, roll up a piece of tin foil and put it on top of this 20.00….yes 20.00 battery he is trying to sell me so it will work in my provari.

OK, I am sure we would all like to get in on a new "fade" as so many are calling it, but it seems like one is showing up on every street corner with people who know nothing about vaping. As for me and my money. I am staying with the internet and the ones who have been there for us from the begining.
Thank you all for lisitening to my rant……a long time vapor!

Copper viggo review

I’ll keep it simple. The firing switch is a dream, however I’m sure the voltage drop junkies will be clamoring for a magnet upgrade. Threading is well executed and provides a very flush look. Floating center pin is outstanding. Have not pulled out the multimeter yet but I’m very pleased with the performance, even with stainless end caps (looks great IMO) which increase voltage drop. The vape jam RDA…wow. That thing needs more professional reviews as it is absolutely spectacular. Deep well, adjustable airflow, designed so you don’t have to pop the cap off and curse your o-rings. The whole set up is a bit pricey but such quality. Overall I rate both of these items as outstanding. Better than my overdose by MCV. I would compare machine quality and overall feel of the device to Provari.

Post spinning with brand new Igo-M

Okay, so I just got the Igo-M, which is something I had been wanting to try for quite some time because of the massive stock airholes. I was so excited to start building on it, and right away I noticed a pretty big problem: the center post spins like nothing else. There is no resistance to it AT ALL, I can grab it with my fingers and it will twist out of place like there was nothing. I’ve seen quite a few reviews on it and haven’t ever seen anything about a spinning center post on it. Does anyone know of any fixes for this? I bought it for $45 and if I can’t build on it then I’m out that money which is a real bummer because I really wanted to like it.