Mixing my own e liquid checklist

I have read the guides on multiple forums and would like you guys to help me double check before I order (almost all from madvapes simply because I have used them before and trust them)

Luer Lock 21 gauge needle (I know they recomend larger ones but this is the only one they sell and its only $1)

5ml Luer Lock Syringe

5x 5ml bottle with drip tip

3x 50ml bottle with drip tip

5x 10ml bottle with drip tip

4oz bottle of VG

4oz bottle of PG

The other place I could use recommendations on is a place to get extracts from. Madvapes is out of stock on almost all of their extracts and I was hoping to mix my own. I know you can dilute pre mixed versions but then if I was doing that wouldn’t it just be more cost effective to buy them alone? Since its not really the nicotine level I am wanting adjusted but rather that this is cheaper in the long run.

Thanks ahead of time and let me know what to add/remove and your recomendations.