The contents of my ebay cart or a Provari? Please help me make an informed decision

Hi guys, Got sick of my spinners and am looking to upgrade. In my ebay cart, I have

4 bay Efest Luc Charger
1 Kamry 101 Kit
2 Smoktech Safety Fuses
1 Smoktech Magneto. (mod Only)

All this will end up costing me $115.46 (Free Shipping). Now bearing in mind that the provari is $212 for a kit, or $179 for just the mod itself, what would you do in my position? All I’m looking for is a steady, reliable vape. Would appreciate any advice and opions.
Thanks! 🙂

I have a Nicoticket conundrum.

I have a Nicoticket conundrum.

I love Clark’s juice. (ok that sounded so wrong)

As you can see I have quite a bit of Nicoticket juice stockpiled to last me for awhile (they are all 50ml except for the center 3) . All in 12mg nic strength.

I have reduced my nic level and I drip and use dual coil RBAs exclusively. So I can no longer vape 12mg of nic. It just kills my throat and makes me cough after every vape.

Hence, the conundrum.

Now if I was rich I could just either buy all new juice and just give these away or even toss them if I was a jerk, but I’m not rich. So I’m trying to figure out how to solve this problem.

I’ve thought about just buying zero nic juice and mixing these 50/50 so I’d end up with a "vapable" level of 6mg.

Three problems with this plan.

  1. Frenilla & Doodle’s lowest nic level is 6mg. Mixing it with 12mg
  2. Grape Ape is no longer for sale.
  3. Even without those juices above, to buy enough to mix all these 50/50 with zero nic would cost me over $200. Which is just out of my budget right now.

So… any other suggestions nicoticket people? (also posted to nicoticket’s facebook page)


mvp 2.0 trouble. please help me taste my juice again

Just bought a shiny new mvp2.0 today and I’m at a complete loss on what to do with it.

4 different juices, tried each in 4 different tanks, and they are all nasty!
I have adjusted the volts, the watts, and no matter what the setting is they just taste nasty.
Switched the tank to my kanger evod battery and they taste normal.

I have no idea how that is even possible.
Someone please explain what I am doing wrong lol.

to mech or not!!??!!??!?!?

hey <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ecf…going to ask for some opinions on this ,sorry if this has been asked or if i shouldnt be posting in this section……here goes….been vaping for 6-7 weeks now and have been loving it… im in love with it is really how i should word it >>>>AWESOME…heres my question cause im abit confused…i run a provari and love it,a friend of mine(who introduced me to ecig )came over and was running a mech mod and from the very first vape on the mech i fell in love with my adv all over again totally different and that warm to hot vape was devine…now this is the confused me talking…looking up safety of mech mods and i do have a knowledge of ohms by far not an electrical wizard but do have a grasp on it…..but when i go looking for info it seems mech mods and sub ohming go together..can i not use a mech say .9 ohms and up or is the true beauty of mech mods .8 and lower keep hearing how unsafe that is but truthfully i love the warmer vape..if i could get some guidance here i would love to stop being confused….thanks all keep on vaping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of battery and coils would suit a Fluid Flask best?

Hello, I am a new to gaping and have been using 2 Vision ego Twist batteries(650&1300) and two EVOD tanks(?). One of the tanks seems like it’s getting air somewhere, although its not leaking, because I don’t get the satisfying hit like I do with the other one. I changed out the coil, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Anyways, I think I’m ready to step up to a more quality product. I thought those Fluid Flasks looked pretty cool and for that price I’m assuming the quality is very good. But I don’t know what battery fits in it. I’d like a battery that comes in stainless(brushed?) and sits flush as possible with the Fluid Flask.

Can anyone make recommendation for a battery if I want a FF tank? And what kind of coils will I need(hopefully it’s the Kanger EVOD coils as I went overboard and bought 20 of them)?

Best dripping atomizer for price?

Hello all, I’m looking into dripping because I like having a variety of liquids to choose from and I don’t like having to vape a whole-half tank of a single juice. I’m trying to find a reasonably priced dripping atomizer so I don’t have to carry multiple tanks around with me whenever I’m out and about and I want a little change up. Any links would be appreciated and testimonials or tips of any sort are welcomed.


Standard or LP mini 2.1

Looking at picking up a mini, but can’t decide if I want LP or standard. I know for 22mm RDA, the mini is better, but I want the option to use small diameter RDA As well as larger ones. Can you use larger RDA on a standard? Can you use a smaller RDA on a LP? Thanks in advance

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Tetra Vape Spike Spiegel, Caramel Kong, Vanilla Reviews

juice was sampled in a Omega RDA Clone @0.5ohms, fresh battery, cleaned and fresh cotton between flavors.
​I received these samples from them for the purpose of review.
These are my honest opinions, and just that MY opinions.

Spike Spiegel
This is the one flavor I wanted to try from Tetra vape. Description sounded like something right up my alley… Boy was I incorrect! I tried this one fresh from the mail and after a 2 week+ steep, tasted the same both times. The smell was a cinnamon nut tobacco with a hint of alcohol. If i try hard enough, I MAY taste some nutty tobacco as well as hint of bakery cinnamon, MAYBE! What I am getting tastes like what I imagine burnt plastic and hospital taste like. Also leaves a strange tingle on my tongue, kind of like pop rocks. Its completely unvapeable to me. Im very confused what other people are referring to as "good"…. Maybe I got a bad sample? I dont know but is not for me…

Caramel Kong
This one I tried after 2 Weeks+ steeping. Smell? Well it smells very much like a banana cream. Very bananay? smell. Taste to me like a sweet banana cream with a slight off putting taste at the end but not nearly as bad a Spike Spiegle. Smells better than it vapes but still not bad.

VanillaThis one steeped 2+ weeks like the rest. It smells like vanilla with a hint of alcohol. Im tasting mostly sweet with hints of vanilla, same strange off putting taste at the end. Idk what it is but not a good taste…. Flavor is a little week but not horrible. Just ok….

These are my opinions and my tastes are different then everybody else.

Kamry K100 questions….

So, I recently ordered this mod. Will these tanks be compatible, or will I get a "burnt" taste, or no way to get the tank and base to thread flush in order to fire?

Aspire Nautilus (Running 1.8 ohm, I believe? Maybe 1.6..Whatever comes with it.)
Mini Protank 2 (I purchase 2.5ohm coils, but they usually read at 2.7-2.8 on my MVP)

I’m just curious because I’m eager to have my first mech mod, but not sure how they work considering I’m so used to my VV/VW device. I believe it has 18350, and 18360 batteries? I purchased the kit directly from vaporbeast.

And well, yeah, that’s it lol. Should I purchase a kick for it as well? Thanks everybody 🙂