Nicotine Content in Bottle? Or Per ML??

I called a few different shops today and asked if the “11MG Nicotine” bottle was 11mg per bottle, or per ML…

They all said it was per bottle.

Which is to say, a 5ML contains 11MG of nicotine… That doesn’t make much sense.

Online I found calculations that it was 11MG per ML…

Anyone have any back up to support any of these claims?

I want to make sure I am not smoking for nicotine than I was when I was smoking cigarettes.

Thanks Smile

The official e-cig team. – by: ambercliman

Hi, everybody,
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brand new ProVari & Nautilus – minimal vapor + condensation in mouth, gurgling etc

hey guys,

this morning unwrapped, assembled, filled and fired up my brand new polished provari & nautilus aspire, hoping to get my face melted from excellence.

unfortunately that couldn’t be further from the truth. i’m getting very inconsistent vapes, one hit will be sort of okay the next will produce next to no vapor and feels like juice is getting in my mouth. (this has been consistent

i made sure to let the juice wick for ten mins before firing the first time, and i’ve tried clearing the airhole and drawing very gently. no change.

i know that you need to have lots of patience and be prepared to tinker with vaping, but this is definitely a buzzkill. this is a similar issue to what i was getting with iclear 30s on the SVD i had for about a week before it stopped firing and had to be returned. (so this is sort of my first vape in a way)

any tips?