Tank Advice?

Hopefully this post is legal here since I just signed up for a new account after hours(days) of stalking!
New*er vapie(?) 😀 for a tad over a year. Not quiet as long as many many people! :vapor: Anyways, I need a suggestion on what tank to purchase. I have always purchased Kanger tanks, and currently use the mini protank 2. I am highly interested in the Innokin iClear 3B. Just need a little help making up my mind.

Anyways, What tank would YOU prefer;

A) Innokin iClear 3B

B) Kanger Aerotank

I just migrated from a standard ego battery to the Vamo V5 (still patiently waiting for it to come in the mail).


Stash Box

Well! In an effort to be a little less of a slob, I cleaned out my "stash" today. My box is actually 4 cigar boxes of various vaping "stuff."
After one year of this journey, this stuff tells a story.


Nasty JC juice
Nasty <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/DIY-eliquid_c_42.html”>diy juice
Nasty <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/DIY-eliquid_c_42.html”>diy flavorings
7 old gunky 3ml bottles with horrible drip tops
Old CE4s that I am never going to clean out or use again
3 leaking Evods (just the shells, I saved the bottoms)
Old drip tips that look nice, but don’t work on anything
Old Blu cartridges
Old Blu disposable
Dead Blu battery — WTH was I thinking??
4 old ego "type" batteries that can’t hold a charge
6 510 battery chargers that are "wonky"
Old Vivi Novas – 4
3 mini Vivi Novas
Assorted "mop heads"
2 crappy, ugly, leaking carto tanks
4 used cartos
1 bridgeless atomizer
2 sets of old ego T "tanks"
Miscellaneous generic cig-a-like battery


Gone MOD Crazy!

I’ve officially jumped off the deep end . . .

In the last 3 weeks I’ve bought:

1. Sigelei 20W
2. Hcigar Caravela
3. Hcigar Stingray
4. Hcigar 69
5. Infinite Black Copper Stingray
6. Infinite Caravela (with improved 510 connection that avoids having to have multiple pins!!)
7. Hana DNA30 Clone (Orange!)
8. The Roller by Atmizoo
9. Infinite Tree of Life
10. Hcigar Copper Nemesis

Add to that a slew of Kayfuns, a couple of Taifuns, and a few RDAs and I’d say that I’m set.

I need to Chill with this before I get in to some serious trouble with the wife! This hobby is WAY TOO ADDICTING!!!!!!!!

Original Panzer Black Hawk vs Clone PBH

Pictures of both are below. The main differences being:

  • The clone does not have coated threads
  • The original has brass pins
  • The clone almost looks "painted". It is definitely shinier but I don’t think its actually paint. I tried scratching it with no success. The original is a matte finish that does scratch if you try, it reminds me of a Colt AR15 lower type material.
  • The "Black Hawk" writing on the clone is definitely painted. I scratched some of the silver wording off easily.
  • The threads on the clone are not as "tight" as the original, but they are not as loose as the cheap mods like the S1000.

Voltage Drop :

  • I tested both mods with the same battery and same .9 ohm single coil Omega RDA. Running a Sony VTC3 half charged.

    • Clone:

      • With no atty : 4.04V
      • With atty : 3.64V
      • Voltage drop : .4V

    • Original:
      • With no atty : 4.04V
      • With atty : 3.74V
      • Voltage drop : .3V

  • There is an obvious .1V more voltage drop with the clone than with the original. My guess is this is due to the copper pins. The uncoated threads should help the clone in this area.

Conclusion :

The voltage drop is so minimal that it absolutely would not matter to me. I like the matte finish of the original better, but the shiny finish of the clone isn’t a turn off, its just different. If you are strapped for cash or don’t care about the shiny finish I say absolutely the clone is not junk. It fits good and feels solid.

some help needed :(

sorry if im posting here but im still a noob and cant post in other sub sections yet
never had an issue until now 🙁
i bought a ego t upgrade pass through
it has been awesome until now but let me back track not sure what tank i have as i bought it at a local store as a noobie kit
but the tank is rebuild able which is fine since nov of last yr ive been buying a 5 pack of replacement coils which i would replace maybe every month maybe less of so so vaping before i get a burnt taste and the wick is all black
but recently i bought a new coil pack of 5 again but i already wasted 2 coils within the past month at first i thought it might be the juice but i tried 3 diff juices same issue so i bought a 2 brand new tanks both came with a pre installed coil and same issue
could it be my battery? i understood but i could be wrong the battery is only good for so many charges etc i have noticed a decreased battery life i mean ive had this battery for a good while
what could be the prob? ive been using the same coils same juice etc really nothing to pin point the source of the burnt coil and taste
any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

took a bad hit

this morning i changed my tank from kayfun to one of the protanks that have been sitting in the drawer for some time with some bobas bounty on it.

i heard a bunch of crackling noises and then felt like some juice hit directly back of my throat.
immediately i felt like some thing burning and discomforting. it hurts a bit, like i swallowed a fish bone or something.

now my question is, is it just the juice that hit back of my throat or could it have also been something inside the atomizer?

i drank a lot of water and even food to get it down but still the same. this is actually the second time it happened, last time it took about a month to fully heal. 😡

Another Success Story!

For 22 years I smoked. I definitely had a love/hate relationship with it. Started out with lots of love….ended with lots of hate. I hated wheezing whenever I laid down. Sometimes I slept sitting up because the wheezing was so horrible. I hated waking up hacking my brains out, sometimes throwing up….this actually went on for over 10 years. Hated getting winded after walking quickly from one end of the house to the other (1100 ft sq house, not even big house and I am HWP) and lets not even talk about stairs. Thank goodness I live in a ranch. I hated that I smelled so bad I felt like I had to roll around in perfume before doing any of my kid’s school activities, constantly chawing on gum. I hated my horrible gingivitis and my yellow teeth (still going to have to work on the latter). And I hated having insomnia 5/6 days a week. Even with all that was I able to quit? NOPE. Thought for sure lung cancer was going to be my end.

My Dad sent me a KangerTech set up (T3s tank and 1000mah battery), touting that my mom had quit smoking (7 months). My cousin (4 months). My Aunt (3 months). I thought if they could do it, I might be able to. Even though I had tried the old cartridge style that you charged in a fake looking pack- and hated- a few years ago.
Then on March 28th, 12:15 in the afternoon I started vaping. Haven’t had a cigarette since…I am now a non-smoker! That sounds very weird to me. What’s really weird is it only took one or two days to stop wheezing when I laid down, to actually sleep after ‘going to bed’, and to stop hacking when I woke up. It only took three days for my gums to stop bleeding profusely every time I brushed my teeth, gross I know. It only took me just about a week to stop getting winded from walking around. While I am still working on getting out the smoke smell in all our clothing (my closet being the absolute worst), I can tell you I smell better. The house smells better. I smell things better…whether I want to or not .:facepalm:

Did I mention that my husband of 15 years was so impressed that I actually quit he has now quit smoking? He barely vapes-doesn’t care for it- but has not had a cigarette in 8 days! He just uses his vape I bought him when he REALLY wants one. He has had a new pack of cigs in the car since Tuesday last week and it is still unopened.

Thank you e-cig Forum and members. It has been a great place for people to be honest and supportive!

Well, off to do some posts so I can pick the <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/DIY-eliquid_c_42.html”>diy people’s brains!!!!!

0mg Throat hit..

I’ve recently lost my grandpa to lung cancer, and haven’t felt comfortable smoking. I switched to vaping instead! I’ve been into vaping a couple months now and am now vaping 0mg juices. I’ve heard myths about adding cinnamon or this that and the other to juices giving it a throat hit. in your personal oppinion: Is there ANY way to give me the throat hit that I desire without vaping 6-12-24-36mg juice?? (Any response is very much appreciated)

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bad tasting vapor…

I recently got an Enigma rda, twisted 28g was awesome on it, as well as 28g twisted with ribbon wire. But once I installed a regular 26g, it sstarted giving off a bad metallic smell during the dry burns, regardless I wicked it up, and it fires like crazy. Then as I take my hit, I taste the metal. I went thru about 5 builds after that, all resulting the same way. Is the atomizer done?