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Hi, everyone,
CG points is valid for purchase on Cigabuy. The CG points cannot be transferred, or redeemed for cash.
To receive the points, enter coupon code at checkout. Once you complete your payment, these
points will be automatically added to your account.
Thank you, Have a nice day! 😛 😛

New to Super T…received my first as a gift!!!!!

Hey everyone!! I want to think my real life friend, <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF‘s Cucco for a wonderful gift!!! I am down from Jacksonville helping her with some projects,and she gifted me one of her Super T’s!! The Simplicity 18500 with a KFL atty!!!!

I had vaped for around 8 months ..fell off the wagon…went back to analogs….well….Lorrie gently would try to convince me to try again… so..last week, I throw down the smokes, and went back to vaping. Back to using the ego‘s I had before…but was having a hard time. Well today she shows up with a box filled with goodies…kept asking me all day.."how do ya like it"..well I told her it was a gane changer and she was likelad good…that one is for you!!

Im so blown away I can barely type….ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!! The Super T + KFL with a .61 atty …wow!!!

Glade part of the Super T family ( Thanks to Lorrie!!!)

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