Looking for a good starter (easy to use) rebuildable

So I literally know nothing about them, but I’m interested in getting one and learning. I have an Igo-F, but I’d like to find a bigger one, but with the same tank style setup at the bottom (where it holds a small amount of liquid that feeds into the wick). I know someone that can do the initial build for me until I know how to do that part myself, but I still need to know how to maintain it. Since I’m clueless in this department, I’d like something pretty cheap and easy, but still dependable (if all that is even possible).

Any ideas??

Help with my build please – Dual coil Igo-W

My coil leads are too loose. Do you guys use the holes or wrap up top on the screw heads?

I cant get my coils to touch. New tools may help. I’m using some damn gator grips.

I’m using 30 gauge. Should I get some different gauge wire?

Should I use extra cotton besides the two wicks?

It’s ugly but believe it or not my coils are getting better. .8 Ohms with 30 gauge.

When there’s GOOD news, please share!

So, the <acronym title="Consumer Advocates for smoke-free Alternatives Association”>CASAA fb page has these things, but no good gossip, details, or anything! (Well, the victorious vapers are probably out having coffee or beer and vaping, for the moment!) But please, give us the juicy details, SOMEONE!

<a href="https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=868208186539655&set=a.196958510331296.58916.100000514460447&type=1&theater” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f…type=1&theater

will hot legs on coil give a bad taste to vape?

I built a coil on my RM2 today and it had a slight hot leg but I thought it shouldn’t affect things. But when I vape, my vape has a sort of "salty" taste. It definitely doesn’t taste optimum.

I wonder if I should rebuild the coil, or could it be the juice? I use the REO and I always just top off the juice when it gets low, so could it be because the juice is "old"?


iTaste vv3 help

Just got this in and it’s my first vv/vw. I have several tanks ranging from 1.5 to 2.4 ohms. If I set the wattage for 8 will the voltage change automatically? When I swap tanks with different resistance will it change then also? That is what i read before I ordered but when I go into the setting the voltage hasn’t changed. Am I doing something wrong? I have been going into the setting and changing the voltage manually.

Carto Issues

I’ve been using Smoktek standard cartos for my 19mm IBtanked tanks and have been having issues with it not wicking up enough liquid properly ( or enough ) and prematurely killing my cartos. They are just seeming to dry up way to quickly and I hardly see any air flow (bubbles) from the side holes. Are the holes on the sides just not large enough to not wick it up properly?

IF so are there any pre punched cartos out there that you can name that are better at wicking up liquid? I vape mostly 50/50 or more VG blends, that’s why I’ve been thinking that the liquid is to thick to properly wick up.

The liquid I’m currently using as an ADV is CLS from Nicoticket.

Thanks for any input guys!

18mg Hitting Like Mike Tyson

Okay guys, let’s see if you can help me out. I’ve been vaping on a bubblegum flavor by Viper vape at 24mg nicotine. The throat hit was harsh at first but I’ve grown to love it as it has mellowed out. Last week, unfortunately, I ran out of ejuice, so I went to a local B&M. The owner said he mixed his own flavors and I tried and purchased a cherry and vanilla flavor at 18mg nicotine. For some reason the throat hit has been much more harsh than my 24mg juice, and I get this strange feeling in my lungs when I exhale. It doesn’t hurt, my lungs just feel tight and uncomfortable, sort of like hunger pangs. At times it even causes me to start wheezing. The only other difference I can think of besides the nic content is the change from 50/50 pg/vg to 30/70 pg/vg. If any of you could help me out, I would appreciate it. Sorry for the long post.