DNA 30 Hanna Clone

I know how many people feel about clones but I just can’t afford the real deal.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy one of these DNA30 clones.
There’s a guy on ebay selling the Hanna mod as a preorder and will be shipping with a Sony VTC4 battery.
Here’s the listing: <a href="http://www.ebay.com/itm/DNA30-mod-1-1-Hana-Clone-w-Sony-VTC4-HIGH-DRAIN-battery-PreOrder-/281315226014″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>DNA30-mod-1-1-Hana-Clone-w-Sony-VTC4-HIGH-DRAIN-battery-PreOrder

What do you guys think?

My White Bronco

Ok so I have been on the hunt for this elusive flavor for quite awhile and still haven’t found it maybe you all can help. This flavor is a sweet tobacco almost like an ry4 but instead of a caramel vanilla undertone I am wanting a dark chocolate undertone. Not a bitter chocolate but not something milky either. I have tried some but they were way too bold and gave me a headache after just a few vapes. I don’t know if there is something out there like this but if anyone has some ideas send them my way. Usually I am a fruity sweet bakery type person but this flavor I have been craving for about 2.5 yrs.

Idea for a touchscreen kick like device

I’ve just had an idea for a product that I wanted to share 🙂

How about a variable wattage chip with a touchscreen in the form factor of a kick? It would be about 18 mm diameter and would fit into any mechanical mod.

It would have a small oled either curved or recessed that can be used to change wattage by adding a touch screen. You would simply have to add a window for the touch screen to be visible and touchable.

The advantage would be that mechanical mod makers don’t have to use special buttons or solder any wires, you would simply need to saw out a window for the touchscreen to be visible. Firing would be done normally via the switch. Although this oled kick module might need a small additional internal battery to store settings and power the screen when the main fire switch disconnects the battery.

This way we could have the diversity and beauty of mechanical mods combined with variable wattage and other awesome features like puff counter 😉

This invention is licensed under the Creative Commons Share Alike license

better than needle tip bottles

does anyone else find needle tip bottles painfully slow to fill with?

I found these "long" tip bottles in one of my ecig drawers but I can not remember where i got them. I can not seem to find them anywhere on the internet and I would like to order more of them.

They are Kautex Mona 302 21 A 10ml dropping bottles.
Page 20 (marked 18) of this pdf: http://www.kautex.de/fileadmin/user_…ng_english.pdf

any help would be appreciated.


Mandatory build/vape tools you use most often?

So I bought a little adjustable magnifying glass, with LED’s built in (kinda like the bendy engineer lamps),and IT CHANGED MY BUILDING WORLD :laugh:. I’ve always had really good vision (20/15 in both eyes, 20/20 with either individually), so I didn’t even give it a second thought, but now I wish I really had! I just tested it out and my "super nano-coils" look as perfect as a 24ga wrapped on a nail, super duper easy now, I find I can correct my mistakes as I’m making them because I can actually see a teeny tiny gap in the coils long before I finish that wrap, and even the relatively difficult ones are coming out perfect on the first wrapping, even though I usually don’t need to squeeze them with tweezers, I still do just to get that OCD perfect coil, practically "fused" together. My favorite part though as I said, is I can tell now if I’m GOING to mess up if I do a certain thing this way, for example I can line up my tweezers right so when I squeeze (really squeeze) the coils I don’t get that outside coil snap into an overlap because I’m actually in control. I’m mad I didn’t get one sooner, in fact I’m thinking about getting one that magnifies more than just 2.5x (or 4, that little extra mag spot that’s my "coil counting sight" now).

Sorry about that, I get giddy when I improve my coils :toast:.

Anyway, after this duh moment today, I was wondering what tools you guys find essential, or nearly essential for building (or anything vaping for that matter). Just a list of common items you often use, or even want. My fingernail clippers were getting rugged, and they’re a little gnarly now, so I figured I’d splurge a little on some build tools that would make my life easier.
-Some horotec swiss aluminum & carbon fiber tipped; flat broad, and extra fine tweezers. (I never knew a nice pair of tweezers would make all the difference, these are awesome because the carbon fiber tips allow me to fire my coil while I’m squeezing/tightening them up.
-A dremel speed bit set, has sizes: 1/64" &1/32"!, 3/64",1/16",5/64",3/32",7/64",1/8"
-the flattest bead wire nippers I could find in my city lol
-that small desktop magnifying glass with light
-and FINALLY something to screw my deck into so I don’t short my coils on accident, an awesome little fasttech ohm meter/volt meter combo. It’s cheap and the most accurate out right now at +/-0.1 accuracy (doesn’t compare to my fluke but more convenient)
$17.61 2-in-1 Combo Tester (Ohm Meter + Volt Meter) for e-cigarette – w/ drawstring pouch at FastTech – Worldwide Free Shipping

I’d love to hear what some of you guys have figured out, I’m sure there’s some tricks and tools out there that’ll blow my mind.


For the DIY PROS—Intensity of flavor- What’s the secret(s)??

To experienced <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/DIY-eliquid_c_42.html”>diy‘ers–
I have a few favorite "commerciial" flavors I buy often and use as ADV’s. I have been doing <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/DIY-eliquid_c_42.html”>diy flavor blending for a few months, fairly intensively, and readiing everythiing I can on the subject. Using quality flavors, nic, and additiives, flavors mostly TFA. My favorites that I try to clone include Deadly Sin, Grants Vanilla Custard, Mother’s Milk, and Gambiit, to name a few favorites. I tweak percentages from 2% to 20 % on the major component flavorings. I’ve gotten the concept of hittiing the "sweet spot" on flavoring. It’s easy to tell when I’ve gone too high, as the flavors lose identity and become bitter. Also, I play with steep tiimes and methods- warm water baths, ultrasonic cleaners, patience, etc. My problem is getting the flavor INTENSITY of my favorite commercial juiices. I’ve also run the gambiit of PG/ VG blends. Bottom line, my juices are GOOD, but, at least in the favorites mentioned, not of the same flavor intensity level.
Are theiir any tricks or methods from the pros that I may have missed? Thanks. GT

Has anyone drilled out the air holes in aspire et or et-s?

Sometimes the Aspire head start to give dry hits, then I draw on it with the air holes blocked off to suck more liquid into the coil. Which works ok, but I think the air holes may too small.

I read about drilling out larger air holes in some tanks, and might try it.
Do I need a special drill bit to drill through metal?
Also, the holes that are there are really close to the ego threads, and I don’t want to mess up. Can I drill another hole above the existing holes?
Lastly, does it need to be held in a vice while drilling?

Halo Review Points?

The rules on HaloCigs | Premium e-cigarettes and E-liquid clearly states 2 reviews per-day max with up to 7 day approval, but they don’t clarify if you can submit 2 more reviews the following day without the first 2 being yet approved, plus weekend down time.

Does anybody know?


Show your love for your favorite Halo products, and earn 25 Halo Points while doing so. For each product in our store, you will find the “Write a Review” link under the “Earn More Points” heading. Simply click this link, and write your review of the product. Once submitted, a member of the Halo Staff will examine your review and approve or reject it within 7 business days. Once approved, your earned points will be automatically applied to your account. Please note the following to ensure your review is approved:

Proofreading: Submitted reviews must be submitted with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Minor corrections can be made by Halo staff, however very poorly written reviews will not be accepted.

Minimum Length: Submitted Reviews must be at least 250 characters with at least some level of detail for points to be earned. Please don’t just tell us you love a product, please tell us why you love it.

Maximum Submissions: You will earn points on a maximum of (2) reviews per day. This is to prevent spamming on our site, while ensuring the points program is not abused.

One Review Per Item: Points will only be approved for reviews on different items. Reviews submitted by the same person for the same item will not be accepted to ensure the points program is not abused.

Disallowed Content: Reviews submitted with inappropriate language or disrespectful to the Halo brand will not be accepted. Our products are a tobacco alternative and not a smoking cessation device. Any reviews that reference quitting smoking will not be accepted.