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HHV review… kind of

So I got a sample pack a couple days ago from HHV which includes Dark Horse, Dragons Fire, Gaia, and Huntsman. I chose this vendor based on the outstanding reviews of their tobacco flavors. In fact, there is a NET thread on here somewhere where multiple people gave Dragons Fire their "best overall tobacco" award. I have so far tried Dark Horse and Dragons Fire. Here are my thoughts.

Dark Horse – tastes like a bowl of honey

Dragons Fire – tastes like a bowl of honey, with a tiny leaf of pipe tobacco in it. Almost like a dutchmaster.

I haven’t even tried Gaia or Huntsman yet… I’m afraid to be thoroughly disappointed. Should I let these steep longer? Does anyone else think these flavors taste like there is WAY too much honey in them?

What is your base mix?

Started vaping a little over a month ago and am using a Kanger EVOD which is a bottom coil unit. Have heard that higher VG mixes do not do well in bottom coils, so I was wondering what most of you are using as your base PG/VG mix and if you also use bottom coil units?

Thanks for the input.

Paperclip coil wrap

I thought this might help out some new builders.
Maybe you have seen this:
<a href="” title=”Name: coil wrap.jpg
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Or even this post:
<a href="!494533!” target=”_blank”>…ping-tool.html

Well, here’s a simple way to wrap tight coils. Take a paper clip and unfold one end so it’s at a 90 degree angle. Twist the end of your wire around the loop so it stays on the loop. Then wrap the wire once around the piece of the paper clip sticking out. Pinch the wire between your fingers and start spinning the other end of the paper clip:
<a href="” title=”Name: 2.jpg
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Eventually you’ll end up with a tightly wrapped coil like this:
<a href="” title=”Name: 1.jpg
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If you want a bigger diameter coil, simply wrap some tape around the paperclip where the looped coil is. You can make a nice micro coil or a huge macro coil. After it’s wrapped, take it off, place on your atomizer, dry burn, pinch tight, dry burn, pinch tight, dry burn, wick, vape.

This may not help some of you, but for those of you that just can’t wrap a tight coil, this should help a lot.

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Pin drip on eGo Twist


I have one Twist that keeps dropping the pin. I have to pull it up to make a conection, with any of my smaller aspire tanks that don’t have pins.

Can I remove the Twist pin and slide a O ring under it?. Don’t want to pull the pin out if it will wreck or not go back in.

Thanks in advance!