Flat drip tip???

I picked up a emode tank and although I really don’t care for the tank, it mutes the flavor, I really like the plastic flat tip that came with it. I just don’t like the feel of plastic. Glass or steel even stone is great but I don’t like the plastic. Is their another tip available that is the same shape. I put it on my pro tank 3 and although it looks a little funny, kinda like a kid drew a Christmas tree, it feels great, so I need one that will fit on the pt 3 even if it looks a little …….

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

100ml syringes?

Hi folks,

I have nicotine in 500ml plastic bottles and I want to transfer it into 125ml glass bottles for freezing.
I don’t want to continue doing it the way I have been so far.. it hasn’t been pretty.
But I have quite a bit to do.. and I don’t want anymore kitchen.. incidents.

Anyway.. so anyone know of a supplier of large syringes?
100ml or so?

I know I can order from China but I’m looking for sooner.