Very New & Frustrated

Hi everyone. I am new to vaping. Purchased an EVO starter kit last weekend and haven’t smoked a cigarette since. It was actually an accident, I was only looking for an option for at work and a coworker uses logic. So I picked up a few cigalikes and didn’t like them. Then I went to a flea market with a booth in it for vaping and accidentally stopped smoking.

So, a week in and I want something with variable voltage. I don’t think I want a twist. But I’ve been looking at a few options and it’s very overwhelming. I don’t think I should be building coils and things like that. I like the LCD options, and I like the EVO like batteries. My question is probably really stupid but what does mod mean? Do you have to rebuild stuff with those. Or can you just fill a tank and go?

RDAs with Internal Center Airflow [LIST]

Please add to this list..

I’m a big fan of the Spheroid and Sophia and looking for similar airflow RDA’s (internal bottom-fed air, directed at the coil).
Prefer NO side airhole, screw on top-cap… is it out there ?

Found so far:

  • GP Heron
  • Fatty V3 (Chris Creations)
  • Immortalizer ( ? looks like it had flow holes, but also has topcap holes ? )