Kanger AeroTank Clearomizer – by: ambercliman

Does anyone like Kanger AeroTank Clearomizer. We get new arrivals. Here are some features:
1.Airflow control base;
2.Food grade Stainless steel body;
3.Pyrex tank is replaceable;
4.Glue Free: All parts are replaceable;
5.Can be fitted with 510 Drip tip;
6.Coil works with Protank-3;
7.Bottom Coil Replaceable;
8.Pyrex Glass Tank;
9.Advertised with a 2.5ml capacity;
10.Compatible with ego batteries and mods with 510 threading.
Click[url=http://www.cigabuy.c​om/kanger-aerotank-clearomizer​-px26lc4-p-3306.html?dp=L0106]​[color=#44ffff]here[/color][/u​rl]to see more
Thank you, have a good day! 😛 😛

501 questions

I Just got my joye 510 in the mail today and I have a few questions.

How do I prime the atty? Blow out or suck in??? (I blew out)

When I vape over 1/2 the time it has a burnt taste it, is that right??? I even put 2 drops on top of the atty before too…

How do you smoke it, dumb question but I want to know if there’s a people way

My chest hurts pretty bad now, after a night of frequent vaping (went through almost 5 ML) I a first time here never smoked anything.

is there a time interval between each hit??

Is the atty suppost to make a noise?

Thanks people

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Ecig Quality

One thing that has been holding me back on ecigs is the quality of them. I have spent a ton of money on them, and some of them are pretty good, and some of them are pretty bad, in my opinion.

My iphone lasted me 3 years, an ecig is about a month or so, maybe longer, and then there is an issue with it.

I just received an Itaste VTR, i think this thing will last for a while.

Maybe I’m being a little picky on this, but I’d rather spend the money up front with a guarantee on the thing then 60 bucks here and 60 bucks there and have a full box of broken stuff.

I also understand that I’m a picky kind of guy. Trying to change from cigs to ecigs and having them break down all the time just makes me light up again and doesn’t help much.

Well hopefully the VTR won’t break.

Cotton and liquid usage

Up until now I’ve just been tinkering with cotton ball and rolled gauze wicking on my protanks finding the right amount and I hit paydirt a few weeks ago with the right amount for good wicking, no leaking/flooding and no need for flavor wicking. I just cleaned and re-wicked all my heads yesterday and am loving the bigger clouds and HUGE flavor boost(even my weak china liquid tastes worlds better). Funny thing is I’ve gone through 3 times the usual amount of liquid. I’ve been tracking my vaping with the evic features just to find my sweet spot for different juices and I’ve been right at 7-7.5 watts pretty regularly on a 2.2 ohm coil, my puff count really hasn’t changed but by just a few puffs +/- each day. ANyone else that has switched to cotton notice going though a lot more liquid without vaping more?

Hell I started a fresh tank just as I started typing this and am already 1/4 through it at 10 puffs where on the stock silica I’d be at about 25 puffs. NO leaking or flooding even without flavor wicking so it’s not wasted liquid. I do know from my own wick testing that cotton ball wicks ~4 times faster than silica, rolled gauze(poly blend) ~3 times faster, peaches n cream ~2 times faster but I never expected to jump from 2-3 ml/day to 6-8 ml/day vaping virtually the same amount at the same settings. Keep in mind that these are stock coils just re-wicked. I have a few micro coil builds I have yet to try and based on this jump I’m expecting the micro’s to atomize about 30% more than the just a re-wick given the ~30% more wick-coil contact area (28g kan 12 wrap 5/64ths 1.7 ohm builds vs stock 6 wrap 32g 2.2 ohm running the same settings).

I’m beginning to see how the RBA/RTA users can vape 30 ML/day easily now :p