Hello from NC

Hello everyone. I recently got into vaping to try to help me quit smoking. I started out with and ego kit with a mini nova tank, but now have an itaste mvp v2 with a protank 2. I recently went to one of my local shops looking for a new liquid and I found that Space Jam Andromeda seemed delicious in the store. So I bought a bottle of 24mg and went on my way. Now that I got home and filled my protank, it doesn’t taste as full and vivid as it did in the store. I know higher nic levels can burn your throat, but can it also kind of "mute" the flavor? Can you guys point me in the right direction.

What’s New at Mushroom Vapes

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to let you know about some of the new product at our website <a href="http://www.mushromvapes.com” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>www.mushromvapes.com. We are adding new flavors to our hand blended E liquid line on a daily basis. Some of our new flavors are: Sweet Tea, Sweet Tea with Lemon, Boston Iced Tea, Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Cake, Peanut Butter Brownie.

For all of you modders out there we have some interesting new items in stock. We have a Kraken clone now on sale for $29.95, a nimbus clone for $15.95, and the IGO-W RDA for $15.95. We also have Kanthal wire sold by the foot at a great price as well as silica wick sold by the foot.

New flavors added weekly, sometimes daily and people who try them always come back for more. Come by and check us out.

-zArrAs- Gaia mod presentation

hey community,
im very happy to present you my latest project called “Gaia” a magnetic mechanical mod.
Gaia was a mythological primordial deity, which existed with Chaos long before the universe was born. Also is considered the mother of the titans and the personification of the Earth.

The mod will be available in 3 basic sets: full ss / full brass / full copper, and the ribbed/ringed parts as long as the top cap will be interchangeable among the 3 materials -as spare parts- to make any customization you like and give your mod a different look.
The basic set will include the 18350 tube & the 18500 tube & the 18650 extension. Engraves will be on the top cap, button, tube and the serialization will be on the air hole tube. N45 neodymium magnets will be capable to produce enough strength to sustain the whole mod+the atty…and more, when mod is in vertical position.
The pins upper/lower will be brass in all 3 versions (ss,brass,copper) and its strongly recommended that you use an imr battery only.

Gaia can be found here: <a href="http://innervape.com/?product_cat=zarras” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Zarras | Innervape
SS & Brass versions (+all type of spares) are opened for public,
Copper will follow next days for those who had participated the list and then for public.
Price is 120euros for ss or brass and 135 for copper (shipping is included)

In the following pics you can see the final product in many variations and some pics from 3D.



Genni pros! Cotton or Mesh!?

Hey guys I’ve always been intrigued by genesis RBA’s but never got one until now, my grand vapors prometheus came in the mails today, and I have a gorgeous .4 dual coil in her and ready to go. It was way easier than I thought, everyone scared me by saying "it’s a learning curve" and "good luck if you haven’t tried one", and "you shoulda started with a russian. PFFFFFT funny, I’ve got her gobbing out great tasting clouds with cotton, a little more than my trident surprisingly, just slightly less flavor/density.

-Anyway the awesome vendor I bought it from threw in a few inches of mesh for me to play with, which I thought was cool because I didn’t want to buy any. I love cottons wicking speed, and don’t think it has much of a taste at all, so I never saw the point. HOWEVER now I have some to try, any recommendations? Anyone tried both and went back to cotton or vice versa? I’ve heard the main point of ss mesh is there’s no taste, and if you dry burn it doesn’t matter (wicking being a challenge for genni’s) because it’s metal.

-I’ve got her going great now, but just wondering if it’s better with ss mesh?

Newbie questions please answer all

I am getting a trident x tesla m2 and i will maybe run it around .2 -.3 ohms. battery will be a vtc4 flattop.
Q. How long can i use the battery for?
Q. How do i know if it will die or is broken?
Q. Is a vtc4 good ? Will it be good for .2 ohms?

Next set. I have a megatwix dual tank clearomizer i was puffing and puffing and then it started to taste like sewer water or poo at the fact. Did something burn out ? Or idk.

How do i know when to change a coil or wick when i build the trident ?

Please community itll be a lot of help for me

PG/VG Ratio for E Juice

hello <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ecf. new member here.

Most all of the e juices I have purchased so far have been from local B&Ms, so I don’t really get to see the PG/VG ratio of my juice. I’ve mostly tried Halo, Ignite, and Drip. They have nice throat hit and good vapor production, and I assume they are high in PG.

I want to order some new juices online where I have the option to choose my own PG/VG ratio. I want a nice noticeable throat hit, but also a LOT of vapor. I’m thinking 70/30? What do you guys recommend for me, and what do you personally prefer? Thanks a lot, and vape ON!

New at Rebuilds. Aqua? or Russian 91% RTA

Hello All. Looking for some advice. I have checked out some reviews and am looking to get an RTA. I like the tanks and the gravity fed atty.’s. I am usually on the go and can’t always keep my e-cig upright. Laying it down or on its side sometimes and don’t want to have to deal with leaking. I did order a Kraken clone and am waiting for that to use at home but I want something to carry throughout the day when I am at school or driving.

I am thinking about an Aqua or Russian 91% clone. They both seem to have better air flow adjustment than the Kayfun’s. Any advice or preferences one way or the other would be appreciated. I have rebuilt some coils on my Kanger Protank II and think I can handle something like the Aqua with the four wicking channels and dual coils.

How hard are mod‘s to work with? I have already had to order another iTaste SVD because the firing button on mine is messed up. I have dropped it a couple times but it seems like the button is just off somehow. Need to push really hard and to the side and it doesn’t always fire – just sometimes. Found another one cheap on Fasttech and figure I can use my first for spare parts if the new one ever goes. Eventually move on to having my own rig.

Oh. New favorite flavor is the Castle Long from Five Pawns. Awesome toasted coconut and creamy. Only vaping it through an iClear 30 on an ego-T battery until my new SVD arrives but can’t wait to taste it on a better rig.