New to dual coils – questions

I’m still new to vaping (not quite 2 1/2 months) and brand new to dual coils.

I have an EVOD 1000mah battery (3.7v I’m told) and have been using MT3S tanks with 2.2ohm single coil heads with out issue.

Recently I was given a pair of EVOD Glass (same as EVOD 2) tanks which are dual coil. Units came with 1.5ohm heads. I’ve been using them 5 days, and one is giving me a burnt taste. Both tend to get pretty hot – which my single coil 2.2s never did.
The one giving the taste was pretty burnt looking when I looked / last filled… I did clean / dry burn as the YouTube videos showed… It did seem to have much less buildup.. But still has a slight burnt taste.

My question is – what ohm dual coil replacements should I order?

Would a 2.0 give me more what I’m used to?

I use 70/30 juice – is it the low ohm (1.5) on the 3.7v battery that is causing the extreme tank heat? I only use 2.5-3ml a day (basically fill each tank daily). My MT3S tanks never got this hot!


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Who got the Munstro’s?

I got mine and it looks pretty good other than that it was pretty dusty and the logo on it was kind of faded. I was wondering if any of you guys got yours and can maybe show it off a bit with your setups. I hate that this mod is 23mm though, really bugs me. Other than that, this mod feels amazing and of great quality but theres no way I can keep it since its 23mm. On the website I got it from it said it was 22mm, but actually on all the other websites its stated as 23mm. Idk…
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Tetra-Vapes 100% VG Juices – Black Coffee, Caramel Cream, and Vanilla Reviews

I have been vaping since 2010, and have pretty much stuck to juices around 70PG/30VG or so mixes. I’ve tried all VG juices before and found that they really lack flavor. I stopped vaping for a year or so and just recently started up again. Needed some fresh juice so I ordered a sample pack from Tetra-vape. It arrived quickly, but unfortunately, the bottles had all leaked and there was very little juice left. I emailed the owner of TV and they were replaced immediately. Apparently there were several complaints about the small 5ml bottles, which have since been discontinued. Now the juice comes only in glass jars that have not leaked once.

Customer Service is Excellent! This review was not paid for in free juice! I missed that deal!

Let me say that I am amazed at the flavor of all of these juices. There’s absolutely no nasty aftertaste like you find in some juices. I’m sorry I can’t address throat hit, as I rarely inhale. (I don’t know when I stopped inhaling, but it just naturally happened) All juices were tried in my glv 5v with a standard resistance boge cartomizer. Also good on a 3.7 v device with a LR boge.

Black Coffee – This juice blew my mind, it tastes exactly like the perfect cup of coffee. It’s my almost all day vape. It produces massive vapor, and I’ve ordered 4 bottles in the last 2 weeks. That’s how much I love this stuff!

Caramel Cream – Again, blown away at the richness of the flavor on this, in between coffee vapes, I have my caramel cream. Had to order another bottle of this one too. Absolutely delicious, sweet but not overly so, rich and creamy. Great Vapor also!

Vanilla – This surprised me. Its a rich, creamy vanilla taste, but it doesn’t overwhelm and it’s not super sweet. I bought 2 bottles of this to mix with some other flavors because this is such a good base flavor. I vape it alone as well, and the vapor is excellent.

I think I am hooked on 100% VG juice .. at least Tetra-vape 100% VG. I can’t wait to try more of the other flavors, and I encourage everyone to give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

They offer a 50% off coupon code every week on one special juice. Keep an eye on the Suppliers forum for the code! Its an excellent way to try their juices inexpensively. They also offer first class shipping. ($3) The juice prices are very reasonable. $6.99 for a 12ml glass bottle with a dripper. (that’s $3.50 on their 50% off juice of the week)

DIY you tube videos

After a lot of reading, I finally bought all the stuff I think I will need to <a href="”>diy. Tonight I searched for you tubes about <a href="”>diy and WOW! Even as someone who has never done this, I can confidently say that there are some really "sketchy" videos out there. Some of them seem like they have never been on this forum, and know next to nothing about how to do this in a safe methodical way. So.. any links to good you tube videos? I hate to be critical (and I am just a total newbie) but if you’re posting a video I think you should at least know what you’re doing. Cheers,


I just wanted to say hi, I’m a newbie on <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ecf, but been vaping for awhile. I work at a vaping shop and love it. Been suffering with a little vapors tongue blah! Hope it clears up soon.

Need some new juice, have a few different choices. Don’t know which one to pick

So, I Started Dripping about a week ago, and I’ve noticed that my 12mg juices are just…uh WAY too much for me to handle now…but i love dripping so much better than a tank, that I decided I need to pick up some new juices.

Now I have a few selections I have in mind. I Don’t know how to create a Poll, so just let me know what YOU think I should do.

vapeTrik (By RiP Trippers) – I would be getting his 4 bottle 10ML sample pack. I’m a HUGE RIP fan, and have been dying to try his juice
My local B&M – My girlfriend thinks I should go support my local B&M
Lazerus Vintage – I’ve been waiting to get some money to buy a bottle of this stuff. It seems like another Five Pawns but decent price
Five Pawns – I bought the sample pack a week ago, and dripped all of it in less than 4 days.

Tell me whatcha think. There is no right or wrong answers. I just don’t know what to do lol. I don’t wanna buy from my local B&M and then be like "Damn, now I gotta wait a few weeks to buy RIP or Lazerus",