Is the Halo battery the same as the VOLT X2 battery?

Howdy, Not sure if this is the right place for this But….. I have some questions and need advice before i make an order.
Is the Halo battery the same as the VOLT X2 battery?
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I am wondering if the Halo Triton tanks will fit & work on these Volt X2 batts.
The threading needs to be the same of course but also the height of the Positive center terminal inside the threaded end. So it will contact the terminal in the bottom of the Halo tank.
smokeless Image has a "pass-thru" Volt X2 battery and Halo does not yet offer one.
I also read that the "Kanger coils will fit on the Halo tank.
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Can anyone answer this ?
ThanX Steve

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Coughing up blood?

Now, I know you guys are going to tell me to go to the doctor for this, which I will. My appointment is on April 21….

That said, I’ve been coughing up tiny amounts of bright red blood the last couple of days and, seeing as how I had the same problem last year before I began vaping, I’m a little concerned.

Maybe it has nothing to do with vaping since I was coughing up blood before I even started, but COULD it be related to vaping? I’m also having mild chest pains and wheezing, and my friends tell me I look pretty pale. I’ve also had fatigue.

As convinced as I am (so far) that I do not have lung cancer (I AM only 30 years old, after all), I must admit that both my maternal grandmother and my mother passed away from lung cancer in their mid-50s.

So……what do you guys think this could be from? I doubt there are any doctors on this forum, but I wanted to see if anyone has any insight so I kind of know what I’m dealing with before I see the doctor.


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Dumb provari question

When I change the battery or take it our and put it back in the device turns itself on.
I treat all electronics like my old tube amp and ensure that they are turned off before I remove the power supply.

In addition earlier today she started flashing with 4v left on the battery.
Then as I was driving I shook it on accident (bump) and it started flashings more Uncontrollably.
So I removed the battery And let it sit for a bit before putting it back in and everything "seems" normal – for now at least. Other thAn it turning itself on upon battery reinsertion.
I had it in a pouch with a bunch of stuff and could have had the fire button depressed unknowingly I’m hoping it just overheated and needed to cool down.
Anyone have any idears?

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