Wondering if i should buy a new charger? plese help recommendations

So the charger I am currently using now is from Efest. I got the charger from the Phillipines from which I think is a pretty legit vape shop (in the mall). However, I am a bit skeptical because the instructions that came with the battery seemed to be worded in pretty bad English. No Offense, it sounded like a Chinese man who recently learned English produced the writing. The charger seems to be working fine, but I don’t have anything to compare it to. The labels on the instruction manual and the box were the Efest logos, but you know how good some clones and ripoffs could be. I would appreciate if anyone could suggest a great battery charger, preferably with a link. Or should I just keep the charger that I am currently using. There really isn’t a problem, except I am just wondering if a better battery charger really makes a difference. Thanks

Vaporshark DNA20 Mod

Hello all, I tried using the search function but didn’t come across an answer.

I bought a DNA20 from Vaporshark and I noticed that the DNA30 that they just released has a button that is a little more sturdy in comparison to the DNA20 and it also has a spring loaded center pin. Does anyone know where I can find these parts at?


Need help with my vaping goal: Big Clouds

Hi All,

I am fairly new to vaping, I used to smoke analogs, and I am looking for a setup that will give me big clouds. Currently I am running Vision Spinner 1300amh battery with a Kanger ProTank III. I am also using a 100% VG blend liquid. I get fairly big clouds, but feel they could be bigger. Big clouds help me to keep using e-cigs instead of analogs so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance for your help! 🙂 :toast:

Troubleshooting Protank Mini II

Lately I’ve been having an issue with my Mini Protank II. I used to absolutely love this tank and it was always my go to vape. But recently the flavor has gotten pretty bad, I can still taste the flavor that is in the tank, but I’m just getting a burnt taste. Not sure what the problem is. Does anyone have any advice to fix this?
P.S. – The coil that is in the tank is practically new and I have tried cleaning and dry burning it.

Taifun GT or Aqua?

So I have a kayfun 3.1 and truly love it.. I have heard great things about both the Taifun and the Aqua, but i haven’t seen really many comparisons between the two. Does anyone have both and want to share? I do regular micro coils and chimney builds occasionally but only with cotton. I am also considering getting a cheaper genesis style atomizer as well. I am basically just tired of dripping in general and want a rebuildable tank system.

Plus they will go great on my new xpv:vapor::vapor::vapor:

EhPro Sentinel help!

So i got my sentinel from madvapes , and its a really nice mod… When it works. I have had so much trouble with this mod, i have sanded down the contacts like 5 times allready but it will work anywhere from a few hours, to a few days, then it will only fire hard if i turn the button when im hitting it till i can feel that its hitting hard. I clean the contacts like crazy, and ive cleaned the whole mod once allready, but i cant figure it out. I cant keep sanding down the negative contact because ive sanded it so much theres about a 35 gauge kanthal wire sized hole in it… I really dont know what to do about this mod, plus my 510 threading is getting a bit loose. What can i do to fix the connection issues for atleast say, 4 days, before i have to fix it again?