Boba’s hype.

What is with all the Boba’s Bounty Hype. went and got a 50ml bottle from dashvapes tastes like a grassy hay. All the hype and awesome reviews I went for the big bottle. Everyone says they get raisin and gram cracker taste, I get nothing but hay. going to let it steep for a good while and see if there is some difference with that. On the other hand Gorilla juice is awesome.

Cartel Mod amazing beast !

Just picked up my cartel mod # 253 . This thing is a monster. And hits like a train but I havent seen much about it on this form or on the revies. Anyone have this mod any thoughts?<a href="” title=”Name: 2014-04-05 16.24.06.jpg
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E-cig battery problem!

I know this is in the wrong place but I’m still a new member so I can’t post anywhere else yet. Here’s the problem:

It was working fine. Then all of a sudden when I press the button to vape it flashes 20+times (it’s hard to count) and then the LED goes out. I’ve tried charging it, but it seems fully charged. The odd thing is the same thing happened to my previous 2 batteries (which were cheap quality one’s). I then bought this new battery, as well as a new atomizer (the top part) just to make sure. The only thing the same is the charger…

Any ideas on what to do?? I don’t want to go back to cigarettes again!!

Question about DIY RY4

Okay guys and gals. Quick question about mixing up some RY4. I mixed 30mg of TFA RY4 double at 12% flavor and 18mg strength. I steeped it and it sat in the cabinet and turned a nice orange color. It was so good I made a bigger batch. I always try to triple check my measurements but for some reason this batch is staying a light yellow color. The only difference is I went from 70%pg to a 50/50 mix. It’s been sitting a month with no change in color. I’m afraid to try it in case I messed something up. Any insight from the pros? Thanks.

How do you clean your Woodville’s ?

I currently have 6 REO’s, all aluminum and I love the fact that I can just remove the battery and bottle and run under hot water. Lately However, I have this terrible itching for a Woodville. I really want one now and kick myself for not getting one during the last run. ( I envy whomever got the #50 Black Palm?). Anyway, WHEN I do get one, how do you care for yours?

…..and yes, I will be watching the classifieds a LOT!