Use caution with

Here is a link to the review I had for this place. Not only did they lie about their shipping, but their customer service was atrocious. Beware. <a href="!544299!” target=”_blank”>…ndonoakes.html

Adapter Problems

Hey guys, I’m fairly new to this.
But anyways the other day I bought a Smok Tech Slim 808 vivi nova tank. I also bought a 510 – 901/808 (shorty) adapter…. That doesn’t work for my tank.
So could someone shed some light on the subject for me?
Like the difference between 901/808, 808, and 808D
And what I need (battery/adapter wise) to use my new tank
Much appreciated

Help me mix these Flavor Shack flavors.

Newbie here! I bought a <a href="”>diy Premium kit. The flavors I selected were Vanilla custard, Butter, Peanut butter, French vanilla, Banana, Banana cream, Nut, Holy vanilla, Carmel, and Honey. I also have menthol, sweetener, and EM. I’ve been searching the forum and there seems to be some great recipes. I’m going to order from Capella’s as soon as I get some extra cash. For now I want to experiment with what I have. recipes with these flavors would be appreciated . BTW I have 3 mixe’s steeping now, cant wait to try them out. Thanks for the help.

Pink spot swagger, outlaw and RY8?

When I first got off the BLU and got my first ego/clearo combo my local B&M turned me onto swagger, outlaw and RY8.
What I didn’t know was that because those juices are all dark they would eat my coils.
Now that I’ve matured a bit as a vapor and am in some more expensive gear I’ve found myself wanting to try the swagger and outlaw again. But pink spot is unjustifiably expensive compared to some others and I don’t wanna ruin my good tanks… Lol
I normally got to smokeCignals for my juice but they don’t have anything close to the swagger or outlaw flavors.
Anyone know of something close but maybe not so dark?

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Telescoping or not?

If given the choice, do you prefer a mod with the handle that is telescoping for different battery sizes, or one that has 2 replaceable sections that allow you to use different battery sizes. The one with sections looks cleaner to me but I can also see an advantage of not having to change them out as with a telescoping mod. Your thoughts? Thanks.


Fasttech Launcher Clone

Quick review with pictures!

After much research, I decided to order one of these: <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>$20.79 Launcher Telescopic Mechanical mod – stainless steel / copper contacts at FastTech – Worldwide Free Shipping

It took about 3 weeks to arrive but I am loving it!

Buttery smooth threads
Copper contacts
Hits harder than my Magneto
Adjustable 510 connection
No threads show in 18650 mode like a Magneto

Edges on air channels a little sharp
Heavy (I like it but it does weigh more than my MVP2/Aerotank!)
Top has odd size taper, guessing 20mm wide
Body is 25mm wide so just about any tank is not going to look uniform

Pros or Cons…
Recessed button with no locking ring (personally I like not having to lock and unlock constantly)
Different style (some say robot phallic…)
Not a true telescopic (remove a section to use in 18350 mode)
Doesn’t have the Raivapes logo which is good but has a weird "K" logo instead

I bought this as a solid, inexpensive beater mod. It fits so nice in my hand like a roll of quarters and the button has a short relatively soft press. I love how beefy and strong it feels yet is so small.

Here it is in 18650 mode compared to a deck of cards and my Magneto
<a href="” title=”Name: launchercards.jpg
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<a href="” title=”Name: launchermbvbottle.jpg
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In the middle with a Kayfun Lite attached
<a href="” title=”Name: setups04022014.jpg
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I’ve got a Trident V2 clone coming soon that will have a home on top of my Launcher.

Anyone else have one and what are you using for a topper on it?

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100% VG vs 50/50 VG/PG

As you can see I’m pretty new to all this. I’ve been vaping nothing but 50/50 e-liquid mixes to date. What would be the most significant difference I should expect to notice IF I switched to a 100% VG? Is a 100% VG thicker than 50/50 and harder to wick? Is it more flavorful, does it provide more vapor? More flavor?

What are the benefits (if any) of vaping a 100% VG e-liquid?? Why is it even available as an option?

Mad Vapes :) :)

Went to Madvapes yesterday because a lot of people had suggested I go there and I must say I was seriously impressed.
Everyone there was super nice and very very informative. There juice that is mixed on site in the store was totally amazing
and I would say that if anyone in the Charlotte NC area or passing thru should definetley go check it out.
They had a good selection of mods,tanks,drip tips etc.
Just wish I could afford more LOL

Irresponsible Parenting Giving Electronic Cigarettes a Bad Name

Electronic cigarettes are being given a bad name because of irresponsible parenting. I’m so sick and tired of the media trying to blame everything on e-cigarettes when they should be placing the blame on the parents. Here is a story that you will never hear about in the news: <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Irresponsible Parenting Giving Vaping a Bad Name

do dual coils really need to be the same resistance?

Hey guys hows it going? writing in from charlotte, NC as I drink some raging b*&%# IPA’s! So I have been using a .3-.4 ohm build that a buddy of mine made for me for a while now (im sure some of you remember me from some threads I have made :D). So all has been going good until I was cleaning and rewicking my rda last night, and I noticed one of the coils had 6 wraps and one had 7… So the resistance of the two cant be the same. I always heard everyone say that when doing duals, the resistance of each coil needs to be the same. so I bought some more 26g kanthal tonight to rebuild another at the same resistance while I drink some brews. just wanted to ask if the two duals really have to be the same…. mine obviously are not and have been performing great. just wondering if they were the same number of wraps, would I notice an actual increase in performance, or is it more of a safety type thing?

edit: before anyone says anything, I am using sony vtc5’s!! I know I am safe for this build. yeah my buddy did build it for me, but it was with my kanthal, and I wouldn’t run it if it was not safe for this low of a build!