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Hang On Froggy 510 Glass and Steel Drip Tip

Beautifully detailed & painted glass tree frog style drip tips. Column is steel. Collect all FIVE!

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Mech Mod sleeve or case

I bought two from vaporDNA called the G-Case and as cool as they look, its a bit on the big side imo. The thing pretty much engulfs the entire mod and its a bit tedious to get the mod in and out of this particular sleeve imo. I want one that hugs my mod pretty tight and leaves maybe and inch open by my top cap so I can just grab it from there. Also with the option to attach to my jeans or bags, any suggestions? A guy I met at a vape shop had something like this and actually even gave it to me after I inquired about it. However, I just wanted to know where he got it and he told me this but I cant remember the name of the brand. The one he gave me was really worn out and I had bought a new mod so there was no way I was going to use the one he gave me. Idk, hopefully someone knows a nice one that I can get.

Calgary to study e-cigarettes

Calgary has implemented a motion to study the effects of electronic cigarettes and propose regulation. <a href="http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-to-study-e-cigarettes-with-an-eye-to-regulation-1.2593604″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Calgary to study e-cigarettes with an eye to regulation – Calgary – CBC News

Hard to determine the methodology that will be used in the study. Despite the numerous studies by accredited institutions, it is quite an anomaly of how much ignorance there is.

CBC Podcast E cigarettes – The Homestretch – CBC Player

What are your thoughts?

It’s been one week

I know not a huge accomplishment but, one week since I had a cigarette. I smoked for about 25 years and tried to quit several times. I once made it for 2 years that was about 15 years ago. Today on the way into work I smelled a smoke and didn’t like it, that is a first in my life I think. I always, even when I quit the first time, loved the smell.

my new problem is the cost of this new hobby/addiction I have spent upwards of $250.00 and I’m just getting started. Form the first vape I knew I found my way to quit. I didn’t even crave a smoke today just a few hits off the <acronym title="Advanced Personal Vaporizer, aka mod“>APV. So far I’m loving the red apple and banana cream pie from my local BM shop, I have a few different juices coming in the mail from different online retailers tomorrow.

Thanks for for letting me tell my story.

Steeping questions

Looking to see how everyone steeps there juice. Is it still important to steep liquids even when bought online? I feel like it isn’t cause doesn’t the steeping process start once the juice is made and bottled, there for by the time the juice is shipped to retail and then shipped to you. Shouldn’t it be done by the time it gets to you?

what was your first introduction to juice like?

been reading a few posts of new vapors struggling to find a juice they like. in a way i’m having the reverse problem. i’m starting to realize i got lucky that i liked the brand i started with. my first juice i had was green apple and i really enjoyed it for the first few weeks. after that, while undeniably very good, it lost favor with me as an ADV, but by that time i had discovered what has become my two all-time favorites. coffee and blueberry kona coffee. what makes them great ADV’s for me is that they don’t overwhelm. and there are a couple more flavors that i mix together every now and then for a change of pace. all by the same brand.

for the past couple of months i’ve been experimenting with juices from other companies and have been underwhelmed to say the least. they’ve all been just way too over the top in one way or another; so maybe saying i’ve been overwhelmed is more accurate.

today a new flavor arrived from a company that i’ve read good things about here, the flavor i got is strawberry cheesecake and it smells like candy (not a good sign for me). and the taste? well you know the aftertaste you get after you’ve thrown up in your mouth a little? that’s what it tastes like to me.

all in all i’m a little disappointed that i haven’t found another brand that i like but at the same time glad that there is at least one brand of juice maker out there with flavors i really enjoy.

so anyway i was curious to know if others have had similar experiences because mine seems to be unique from what i’ve been reading thus far on this here e-cig interwebzez forum.