The DOME by Atmomixani

The DOME is a genesis style atomiser, but it’s a really very good one, superb in fact.

I’m the proud owner of one of these, and have been loving playing with the different airflow settings, the vapour warmth control, the choice of wick hole sizes and the variable tank pressure screw.

I’ve found that you can get any kind of vape you want from this device. You can get a warm vape with lots of TH, a cool smooth vape (by adjusting the vapour warmth control), a dry vape or a saturated vape (by adjusting the tank air pressure screw), and whatever setting I use I get lots of flavour. It’s currently my favourite atomiser.

So, does anyone out there have one? I’ve only tried it in single coil mode, using a microcoil with a cotton wick into the tank, and it’s superb. I know it is possible to use all sorts of setups, mesh, dual coil, quad coil, u-wicks etc. How have you got yours setup?

I’m going to have a play with varying coil resistances to see what suits me best.

The Dome is so well engineered. The thing fits together so tight, you really have to push the parts together. The thinness of the quartz glass tank scares the hell out of me, I might just use it with the stainless steel tank instead. There is also a tank protector available so you can protect the glass tank.

The DOME is a hybrid atomiser, designed for either the Nemesis or the 69 mod. It is available in fully shined or brushed finishes.

Here’s what the DOME looks like, hybrided up to the Nemesis. You can also purchase an extra 510 adapter so you can use it on any 510 based mod.

Todd seems to like it too!

If you like Genesis style atty‘s, this is worth a look. The wick holes and tank bottom are insulated so you won’t get shorts. Even better, the thing doesn’t leak when it’s on it’s side, like some gennys out there. I love this thing!

Here’s what the deck looks like. It’s busy in there! There are plugs into the unused wick-holes which you can remove. There are also a few terminals to wire up to! The central positive post has been removed to unscrew the deck from the atty. The photo is deceptive, the deck is tiny!


Calvinism was brought up on the board and though I couldn’t recite any of it off the top of my head, I decided to look it up. Guys, from what I read, and I only read maybe half of the first page, I can state without hesitation that it is not 100% Christianity. There isn’t preordaination. God doesn’t pick one group to be saved and one of non-saved. He doesn’t preordain anything of the kind. Granted, there will be the saved and unsaved, but it’s not God’s doing. Salvation is offered to everyone. He gave us all choice. He knocks at the door. We are the ones who open it. It is not His will that anyone perish. I will say this….He knows who will receive Him and those who won’t. But I wasn’t preordained to get saved. God answered my mom’s prayer.

Jesus died for all mankind’s sin. I saw that He only died for certain sins. I’m going to post those two things, then post the website so that you can read it for yourself. I don’t want any to be fooled, and I promise I’m not the Scripture police, but I have a discerning spirit, and bells and whistles went off. It’s easy to get confused in this day and time. We have become lax in many things because doing the right thing takes too much time and energy. Please don’t take my word for it. Study on your own. 🙂


"God preordained…a part of the human race, without any merit of their own, to eternal salvation, and another part, in just punishment of their sin, to eternal damnation. " John Calvin

L: This stands for "Limited atonement" or "Particular Redemption." This is the belief that Jesus did not die to save all humans. He only died for the sake of specific sins of those sinners who are saved.

Cheap High Wattage Regulated Mods

I recently got a chance to play with a Duke. Bad idea, because 1. it turned me on to the idea of a box mod and 2. Now I gotsta have a regulated.
I subohm these days, usually staying towards 1.2 ohm per coil and preferring quad coil to everything. So I’m looking for something that can do about 50watt.
Just now I came across this <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Altoids Mint Tins, an okr chip mod for $60!!! My wallet is lucky its out of stock, or I would have one on the way already.
What I’m asking is what other options exist in the sub $100 price range? A more rugged case would be nice, and I would like a screen which the duke lacks.

Help me spend my money!!

Who mixes a bit of Menthol in to your already made juice?

Just to start out with – I use to smoke menthol cigarettes so I enjoy that menthol kick. I quit full-time back in December (just over 3 months yea!) and I’ve felt like I’ve been missing that extra flavor.

I started by having a friend give me a pure menthol flavor for a taste from V4L and I was like "WOW – I really miss that".

I went through a bottle of MBV Extreme Ice, and liked it. Thug juice from MBV – I had to add Extreme Ice to get a bit more of a menthol taste. I’ve been hooked on eVo Frost Bite & Krypton for the last 2 or 3 weeks. I do like the menthol by itself, but I started mixing it into some other juices. One really good mix was Suicide Bunny Derailed and eVo Krypton. I could vape this ALL day. I’ve also mixed eVo with vape Addict juice "Down for a Forty". Just to add – I’ve tried some juices that have "Frost" or something that sounds like menthol, but I didn’t really get that "Menthol" hit. Most juices just have Mint added.

What have you mixed with Menthol and liked it?

Struggling Newbie

Six weeks ago DH came home with a new ecig kit for himself and after over 45 years of smoking he hasn’t had a cig since. A week later he brought a kit home for me to try. Didn’t care for the taste of the juice but I could see the possibilities. Since then I’ve ordered at least 12 samples but still haven’t had that "aha" moment many talk about. I have a couple I’m using that aren’t bad, but I’m still smoking about a half pack a day. I have smoked lite or ultra lite menthols for at least 40 years.

Any suggestions any of you fine folk have to offer? Thank you!!:blush:

Looking to get into RDAs, seeking guidance

I am ready to start rebuilding, and I want to start with a simple dripper. Money is a bit tight so I am currently leaning towards an Igo-L or an Igo-S. Are these good to start off on?

I am not looking for huge clouds, I simply want a deck that is easy to build on that will produce good flavor without costing me too much. I will be vaping on a vv/vw device (5-11 watts) so I wont be doing any sub-ohm builds, just simple coils (for now at least).

What are your thoughts? Is an Igo where I should start? Are there any other inexpensive options out there that aren’t total junk?

How empty do you get your bottles before you give up?

Does anyone ever do this or am I the only one?

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