What else is out there that I missed?

So I just spend $199 on a freaking provari v2.5 at a local store as I was too lazy to wait a few days by ordering it online.

On the same visit to the store the dude tried to sell me on a protank v2 after I told him I only drip in a hh357 or regular Cisco atty. He said I was behind time and that there is so much new stuff on the market. (which I knew from reading <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF over the past week)

I asked how much the pro tank is and he said $18! ($18 freaking dollar????? $18????). Of course I bought it and actually it capes like a charm.

So long story short two things, in the past my oddy cost me what $200? A freaking lava tank was $60 if you could even find one. How in the world can something like a protank be only $18?? Amazing!

What else is out there that vapes so well and is that cheap?

And does the $18 of the pro tank has anything to do with less than premium materials used in production or what? I am just so so in shock about the quality of this thing for freaking $18!!!

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