ECigsbrand Battery?

I everyone, I hope that you are all doing good today.
I’m new here in this forum, but have been reading different post here and there for a while. I find this to be a friendly atmosphere and a great source of knowledge.
I am also new to vaping, but love it. I find it a much better choice then smoking. I started smoking way back when smoking was actually "cool" and not the evil thing it is today. With that being said, I have made some attempts to stop smoking here and there and was down to 1 or 2 cigs a day when I started on the whole vapor thing, but to be honest, as crazy as it sounds, I enjoy smoking and find it relaxing. So vaping for me is perfect, I can get the sensation of smoking without the extreme health risks involved with traditional cigarettes.
Okay, to make a long story short, I got an ECigsbrand Starter Kit and it only came with one bettery which I’m still using but know it won’t last forever. I looked on their website and could not get any info on what kind of battery they are. Their site does have em, but they are over $30 for just one standard battery. I know I can find less expensive replacements but I’m not sure what kind/type I need. Any help that anyone can give me on this will be greatly appreciated.
I look forward to reading and learning much more on this site.
Have a great day one and all. :vapor:

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