Punch-Y4 DIY

I have been vaping since 2010 starting with blu e-cigs and v2cigs, then onto hoosierecigs, vaporgod, darkcityvapor, and so on as well as their e-juice. I have tried a tremendous varieties of juices, but I have been stuck to one only because the flavor is amazing and brings me back to enjoy it every time.

This particular thread pertains to the <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/DIY-eliquid_c_42.html”>diy I make at home supplied from myfreedomsmokes. The ingredients I use are Hawaiian punch and RY4 flavoring and 24mg Unflavored nicotine. The VG I grab else where, but back on topic to the delicious PunchY4 that has me addicted.

My mixing of a 15ml bottle of PunchY4:
Nic: 7.5ml
Hawaiian Punch: 1.1ml
RY4: 1.1ml
VG: 5.2

Try it out and let me know what you think!!!:vapor:

vv box mod planning okr t/10

well planning my buck converter box mod came across a boost converter the ptn0405c and the idea i had was to use this board along with a 1 amp 5v mirco usb charger because that way i could boost the voltage cause my batteries would be in series and i could get the right voltage to my batteries think this might work plus i got 3 ptn0405c and a couple other free samples on the way so i think its worth a shot

Favorite stand alone flavor?

I want to do a simple <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/DIY-eliquid_c_42.html”>diy for my first batch and I just ordered a bottle of PG and a bottle of VG I dont want any nicotine in my juice, I normally vape 6mg, mostly for flavor so I dont feel the need to have it at all at least to start out with. But i was wondering what are your favorite stand alone flavors to mix with your pg/vg base and what percentage you use?


So right now I’m using 2mm ekowool and I love it just me or is ekowool so much better than silica? I know they’re both made with silica but ekowool burns so much better and the flavor in silica is so muted. My main question is has anyone used cotton threaded ekowool and how is it? Thank you.

New vaper needs advice

I have a ego twist 1100mah battery with a kanger mt3 tank. After I take 4 or 5 puffs it takes burnt also if I fill the tank by the end of the tank it just taste like crap. My local shop guy told me its because I’m used to the flavor. So I’m considering moving up to a mod maybe the flavor will last longer? Maybe it won’t taste burnt after a few puffs? I don’t know what do u guys think?

ego battery randomly shocking me

Current ego battery is a 3 month old vv off and on today when pressing the button to vape it about once an hour sends a mild shock through my finger. Settings it runs at 95% of the time 4.2 volts with 2.4 ohm coil & 2 plastic tanks 3.7 volt at 1.8 ohm. Been using the glass tanks at 2.4 ohm for three days straight. Would a battery this young need replacement already it works fine just the mild shock every once and again concerns me. Only other experience I have was a ego non vv that lasted 9 months before it wore out from use.

Thanks for your help