Been off the cigs for 7 months

Hi everyone, I’m 51 and have been smoking on and off for 25 years. I finally made the jump and started with a Totally Wicked Tornado. I was happy with the vapor and flavor, but the reliability left alot to be desired. I’m currently using Halo Triton and have been very happy with the products. I’ve converted more than a few long time smokers to our way, and one of them sent me a link here. I look forward to learning and contributing here, and to organized resistance to political and social action against us.

Hello hello

I’m not so great at the "hey here I am" introductory posts, but I figured I’d introduce myself. I’ve been lurking the forums for a while, love all of the great information! Ive tried switching to e cigs quite a few times, starting a couple years back with the cigalikes. I was never able to fully make the switch. But I’ve purchased some decent quality equipment now, going on day 10 now with 6 analogs smoked. Hopefully this is the time that sticks! Thanks again for having me.

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I’m considering returning my Provari If I can’t be saved.

Hey everybody!

I’m happy to announce that I am an official owner of a Provari 2.5! (applause)
But…. I only vape with RDAs and I was cursed with these evil things called "mechanical mods" and I really really enjoy the vape that I get from them and I want that same feeling that I get with those on my Provari. I hate that I’m restricted on my voltage, but I’m willing to try more builds to make me love the Provari that I hate and I hate that I hate it because I want to love it, but I cant because I hate it… help me

what do you use?
what builds can you recommend?
I just want to love IT!