Stealth setup for work?

I work in a cubicle farm with only quarter walls and my back turned to everybody.

But I am viewable by probably 150 people during the day, at which time I just go outside or to the bathroom to vape. (After the big wigs go home I will bust out my ego and sneak a few hits. I’ve openly discussed it with all my cubicle neighbors and they don’t mind)

I am really good at taking a hit and holding it to where to nothing comes out, but am worried what people will think if they keep seeing me suck on a pen.

I’d love to see one of those reusable paper style cups with a vape inside so you can just hit the straw.

Anybody ever set something like this up?

Which RDA should I purchase next?

Right now I’m looking at the:

Magma RDA – looks pretty neat, airflow comes from underneath the coil. Not sure if this would be something I would use everyday, or if it’s more of a novelty because it’s different.

Zenith V2 – lot of people have been clamoring about this atty, but is it really better than the current 3 post designs? Yes, I know it features a two hole "blocked" live post and an insulated drip tip connection. Not sure what else would cause this RDA to stand out.

Tobh Atty V2 – This would be my hands down 1st choice, but you cant find one anywhere 😡

Is there anything else worth checking out?? Authentic only, please.. AFC is a must IMO.. But, I’m open to all suggestions.

Little BG on my current RDA collection:

Trident V2 by Grand Vapor

Atomic by MCV

Nimbus RDA

previously owned the Origen V2 – Mehh.. & the Trident V1

I run my RDA’s on DNA30 devices, almost exclusively. Sometimes I’ll break out my mechs to change things up for a minute, but I’m always going right back to one of my DNA’s. Mostly run single coils using 24-28 gauge A1, @ fairly low resistances (b/t 0.5 – 1.6 ohm). But, it needs to be able to run dual coil builds as I enjoy building DC setups.

Thanks bud’s!!

TIME magazine says: E-cigarettes do not help people quit smoking..

So I was looking through my news feeds on my phone when I saw this tagline from TIME magazine that reads: "Study: e-cigarettes Do Not Help People Quit Smoking“. I read the article, and was at a complete loss for words. It infuriated me. Between the size of the group they used, and the little information given on the actual experiment that was done, I don’t even understand how an article like this can be published. I’m sick of the fear mongering being done by the government and the media. People read these tag lines, skim over the article and take it as fact instead of speculation, and do not know the actual facts. There was so much misinformation and intentionally vague, undetailed information on the study that I don’t get how these people can even be allowed to do these studies.

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Hello from Canada, got general e juice question!

Started making my own no nic e juice. Then proceeded to mix some low nic juice with my own for that throat hit. Now my question stands. If I purchase high nic e juice (ie. 24mg/ml Lime) and mix is with my 0 nic Cream juice would i need considerably less high nic e juice than the low nic ejuice to get the same throat hit???

Mixing some liquids I have been recreating the birth of Jesus in my mouth…Heaven!

New to modding appreciate any advice.

Am I ready?

I have recently purchased two batteries directly from China. ONe I bought on EBay It is supposed to be a Vision Spinner VV. I’ll have to see what it is when it arrives. The other I purchased very cheap from an online seller. I don’t know who, I never got a confirmation email and even my Pay Pal receipt was in Chinese characters. It seems to be a 1300maH of some kind. Whenever I push the button it records the number of pushes.

So I thought I wanted to purchase an Aerotank. It says not to use it unless your battery can produce 5v.
Well now I’m a little afraid to jump off in these deeper waters. So far I’ve rendered a Vivi Nova unusable, (lost the little gasket that holds the battery terminal post in the unit), cross threaded the bottom of a Protank ll mini to the beauty collar (it’s ruined), overcharged a month old ego(type) 1300mah, (it’s ruined), used the wrong kind of battery charger on a 300 something 510, (it’s ruined). I know there is a learning curve, but I’ve taken it to a whole other level. Right now the CE5+(wickless) for under $5.00 is looking pretty good. It has a changeable coil. I hate to waste more money on what amounts to a disposable clearomizer. But the Lord only knows what I could do to an Aerotank. I’ve only been ruining vaping equipment for about a month; so there’s no way to tell how long my learning curve will last. I’ve nearly passed the point where I can look my husband in the eye as I bring in "vape Mail".

If anyone has any suggestions for how I should proceed, or what I should buy; I would be very appreciative.


Rebuilding protank heads (NR wire required?)

Well my wife popped her last head tonight and the local store was closed. I decided to give a rebuild a go. I used some Q-Tip cotton and some NR-R-NR ready made wires I use for my ithika clone.

The result was pretty good, I like it enough I might start doing this instead of buying the crap heads they sell stock.

I noticed the stock heads have a NR-R-NR setup but all the info I can find on rebuilding just uses straight wire.

Is it required? I have no issue using ready made wires but straight 30g would give me more freedom.