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Today I saw a barrage of articles come out that stated e-cigarettes are not effective for helping people quit smoking. I have to disagree because they are the most effective way that I’ve ever tried and have keep me off those nasties ever since I started vaping. It seems lately the news media has been putting out a lot of stories based on sensationalism instead of facts, so I’ve created a new movement that will help give everyone the facts. This movement is going to require everyone’s participation in order to be effective in showing the media and everyone else around the world that e-cigarettes do in fact help people quit smoking. Today is the time to take a stand and start fighting for our right to vape. Today is the day to put an end to all of the misleading irresponsible reporting that is going on in mainstream media. Today is the day to let our voices be heard!

Take part in the #IAM ONE movement today! Here are the details: <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>#IAMONE Movement by Voice of vapers

5 months free!

Ever since I got my e-cig, I haven’t touched an analog. Granted yes, I’m 18, but I started smoking around 15. I never was a "heavy" smoker like some users on this site, but I’d go through half a pack a day. I’d sneak one in right before school, one right before I’d get on the bus, and then a bunch in the afternoon/night. I felt disgusting doing it. My girlfriends hated it, and it actually caused some relationships to crumble (which at a young age is the worst thing to happen to a guy’s morale).

I bought my e-cig 5 months ago, just a standard ego and a plastic clearomizer; I’ve since upgraded to a mini protank 2, and am awaiting a Vamo v5 and Nautilus Aspire. I’ve been analog free since and I feel great. When I work out I don’t feel weak. My appetite is back. Relationships aren’t an issue at all, especially since some girls think my e-cig looks "cool" haha.

Anyway, I’ve kicked the habit, and I’m buying s vape soon for my mom so she can quit. There’s no way I’m going to not pass this great invention onto someone.

So here’s what I’m looking for..

Wasn’t really sure where to post this, so I’ll just ask here. I’ve been looking and looking…. and looking around the internet for the right mechanical mod. I’m looking for something inexpensive (would like to keep it under 50 bucks for just the mod, the cheaper the better) but reliable, not prone to misfires and such, something stainless steel, simple, not a lot of ornaments/engraving, just very straightforward and short in length… I like a rather stealthy looking vape. Is there anything that you think would fit the bill? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Wacked out dreams and insomnia after 3 weeks quitting analogs

I am vaping 24mg juice and find that I am turning into an insomniac at night. Is it because of the strength of the nic juice do you think? Maybe back down a few steps after dinner?

As well, wild dreams which might also be due to the high strength nic levels? Dreaming about smoking cigarettes? I woke up this morning having a dream that I started smoking again only to find my PV on the dresser as per normal.:facepalm: Dreams are way more vivid….


Tips for refilling Halo G6 cartos?

I usually like to avoid posting questions to newbie sections, but this is the only place I can post right now since I’m new. 🙂

Anyways, I just got my G6 starter kit a few days ago and got some filled cartos along w/ some blank ones and some sample juice.

Had a few questions:
1) How many drops do you do to refill a carto? I think I read 20 somewhere and that’s what I’ve used so far.
2) How many times can a carto be refilled? Does it go "bad" and some point and need to be replaced?

thanks Electronic cigarettes ‘don’t aid quitting’, study says

nature com/news/electronic-cigarettes-don-t-aid-quitting-study-says-1.14918


The controversy over electronic cigarettes has been reignited today with the publication of a study claiming that they do not help smokers to quit their habit.

Whether or not ‘e-cigarettes’ are an effective aid in the cessation of smoking has become a major issue for the rapidly growing industry that produces the devices, and for the tobacco researchers struggling to assess their impact. There is widespread agreement that inhaling from an e-cigarette, where a heating element vapourizes a liquid containing nicotine, is not as harmful as smoking a conventional cigarette, and proponents say that the products could save millions of lives. But some researchers and tobacco-control activists fear that the devices could make tobacco use seem socially acceptable again and may not assist people in actually reducing their addiction.