Electronic Cigarette Benefits

I believe electronic cigarettes are a better alternative to smoking because they look, feel, and taste like a real cigarette, yet do not release the same harmful smoke, nor do they leave a lingering odor. And, the second hand risk is eliminated. This makes it suitable for use in most places, especially in crowded or enclosed areas. I happen to use NicHit as my preferred choice of e-cig brand. What other benefits do you find in e-cigs over cigarettes?

Looking for a German Made tank

I am convinced I saw some the other night but can not find them now. I have tried searching my Browser History but had cleared it the other day and guess that too care of any trace evidence. Please prove I am not losing my mind. At least as far as this issue is concerned. 😀

The only USA made one I know of comes on the Provari. I would be happy to learn of more.