Frayed Noose coil – failed

I was inspired by deedupdex and decided to see what I could do if I got creative. I was enjoying the results. Unfortunately the coil was destroyed when it was almost complete. But, I did take pictures along the way. Glad I did since it didn’t survive. Here is a coil I dub the Frayed Noose.

Here is the base so to speak. Twisted 28 gauge. The Noose part of the name comes from the positive extension.

Here is the first nano coil, or fray, added. This was 30 gauge. I wrapped the nano coils using 28 gauge as a guide.

Here is the second of 3 nano coils added. This is as far as the coil survive. While adding the third coil the first one broke off. Getting it unraveled proved to be near impossible with the tools I have to use currently.

You can see that the legs of the coils so to speak were glowing on the negative extension. I am getting some super small needle nose pliers and a magnifying light to make those connections neater, tighter, and less likely to fire.

Even though it wasn’t successful I enjoyed making it and sharing I with you guys. I’ll be making many many more coils in the future.

Let me know what you guys think.
vape on.

Coil change resistance, trying to understand why

The first coil I made (with vapowire a1 30 awg) and a hollow ekowool silica, changed its resistance from 1.7ohm to 2.1ohm every time I touched it.

I eventually just made a new one for about 1.4ohm (that’s anyway was my target) and it works great (with organic cotton btw).

But I’m still interested to understand why the first coil changed its resistance even though the wire stay the same, and the length stayed the same…


First Mechanical Mod

Hi all,

First time poster on this site and glad I found it. I’ve been vaping out of an Itazte MVP 2.0 for a couple of months and think it’s time to upgrade to a mechanical mod. Was hoping to get some input on my choices.

I chose the Nemesis clone for my actual mod.
I have an IGO-W that I have been using on my MVP but have yet to actually rebuild it since the local vape shop built it for me the first time.
I ordered two Sony 18650 30A batteries.
An ohm meter.
28 guage kanthal wire.
Nitecore i2 charger.
And a multimeter.

Can’t really think of anything else I need for my first build.
Please feel free to share your input or thoughts. 🙂

Long Beach regs, well…

New Long Beach, Ca. regulations go into effect next month. What this article doesn’t say is that vaping will even be banned in vape shops. Seriously. I can go to a shop and buy everything I need to vape at home or in the few areas left that it’s legal but cannot be exposed to vapor in the same shop? Even if this law wasn’t based on junk science and people’s sense of superiority, that is just insane!

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Long Beach bans e-cigarette ‘vaping’ in public spaces

Now, before work tonight I was sitting outside a coffee shop sipping and vaping and it dawned on me that in a month I won’t be able to vape there, as it is in a non-smoking section. Then I glanced over my shoulder at the street 10 feet away where there was an open piped Harley waiting at a light and it dawned on me. These people have no problem with me being exposed to unregulated exhaust from an internal combustion engine, which we KNOW is bad for you, yet I cannot be exposed to ingredients that are approved for human consumption by the fda? Seriouosly? These egomaniac antz‘s don’t think at all, do they?


I finally got a "whiff" of myself…

…when I smoked.

Only being off the analogs for less than 2 months my sniffer is still getting used to strange smells. Ran into somebody who just finished what smelled like a carton of Lucky Strike(tm). I smelled like that a short time ago. Wow. 🙁 I was told I smelled like that but since I smelled just fine *to me*, it couldn’t be that bad. Or so I thought.

Somebody needs to increase that odor like 100 times and then bottle it. Start passing it out to smokers for free. It might have opened my eyes (maybe not).

World Class Vapor Liquid from Canada.

This is my 3rd time ordering from these guys (, and must say im pretty happy with the way everything has turned out. Their shipping has been consistent (3 days to me here in NY), and the service good at their 1-888 number. The flavors are super unique, and this time I ordered the Bourbon Vanilla Candy Cola, and Caramel Apple Pie in 18MG. First off, it must be the fact that they use Flavour Art flavoring, because its damn good. I get this real high quality taste out of it, like no chemical/crap taste that I get with some other flavors at my local vape shop, does anyone know why this is? I dont know if it being 50/50 has anything to do with it, Ive always assumed it was the flavoring. The description on their site is pretty accurate, and I like how easy it is just to click through and order your stuff with the instant checkout then having to register and take so long like a couple other sites ive ordered from. With these guys it feels personal and top of the line, almost like I am buying a pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers, with the customer service right there to help you with your order, whereas other brands just seems like they are so busy pumping out their juice, they dont care about the customer. The price is fine with me, I would rather pay $10 for a bottle of these guys instead of $4 for juice that doesnt have this quality of flavouring, shipping seems expensive but when you consider its like a flat rate thing at $10 or so for 4 bottles, doesnt really bother me. Overall the experience with these guys has been pretty flawless, they say their new so I guess thats why I cant find anything on them on here. Anybody ordered from them before?
Anyways just happy ive found a good high quality juice, so hard to find ones that dont have that chemical crap taste to them from the smoke shops and stuff here, and my vape shops just dont cut it, so they made me a happy customer here for sure.


They only have three flavors. Made in Indiana. They drive it to the shops themselves.

The vanilla they’re using puts allllllll other vanilla flavors to shame!!! No comparison simply can’t go back to any other vanilla after trying the cyclops vanilla.

Svd now with Aspire Nautilus

I’m a big fan of my innokin svd w/ the iclear30s (3 tanks). They actually work with my ego as well… After joining <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF, enough folks kept singing the praises of Aspire Nautilus…. I ordered one with iclear30s replacement coils..

Uh, wow… I love the extra capacity and the regulated air flow… I’ll use the iclear @ work… However, as a cigar smoker, I like to sit with a drink and smoke for extended period… When I want to do the same w/ vape I’ll use this tank..

The iclear30s is a really good tank, and I’m not regretting getting em.. Its got good vape, lasts, and had survived falls and bouncing around in coat pockets, where say my kanger protank hasn’t done so well.. It’s that the aspire is that good so far.

Only drawback is that it’s slightly wider than body of 3/4 of the Svd, so even if it falls bottom first, I can see the tank taking a nasty hit… I understand you can get metal tanks, that would solve this, but that would add to the cost… So one with a metal tank would probably equal 3 of the i30s(give or take).. I’ll probably get one, so something stupid doesn’t happen for my long vape sessions…

if I only could have one tank it would be the one.. It’s just if you like multiple tanks like I do, to switch on the fly for different flavors, it will add up fast…