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[quote="jbeard" post=3885]I have been smoking cigarettes for nearly 20 years now. It is a habit I enjoy and have little intention of giving up in the foreseeable future. I will have to admit, however, that things have changed drastically when it comes to smoking during the past 20 years. When I first began smoking cigarettes we were still permitted to smoke in restaurants, and even in the local shopping malls. We can barely smoke in public without getting arrested in much of the country at this point, and many states have completely outlawed smoking in food establishments.

The cost of smoking has also gone up significantly since I first began to smoke. This has left me looking for a variety of solutions. I began hunting on the internet for a strategy that would allow me to cut back on costs. I considered rolling my own cigarettes, but that doesn’t help with the fact that I am unable legally to smoke in the majority of public locations.

I was browsing the internet for information and decided I would head over to Wikipedia to see what information I could find there. After a quick search for the keyword cigarettes, I found this page​igarettes. I was intrigued to discover that one of the ancestors of the modern cigarette was called the papelate and came from Spain. It claims that we can view what these great grandparents of the modern cigarette look like in paintings by Goya such as La Cometa, La Merienda en el Manzanares, and El Juego de la pelota a pala.

I have a book I purchased in Spain on Goya 20 years ago with copies of these paintings in the book. I found this ironic as I come full circle looking to solve a problem that began 20 years ago for me. I came across the modern invention of e-cigarettes. I have seen these at my local convenience stores, as well as on the internet. I came across that is one brand of these types of e-cigarettes. Can I smoke these things in public and enjoy a cigarette after a meal in public again?

I thought I would come and get real world opinions of the products and see what you folks could offer in terms of advice. Who here has compared these types of e-cigarette products with the real deal. Before I invest money into purchasing the necessary products, I would like to know if they come close to the taste and feel of a real cigarette. Anyone who smokes knows that it is challenging to replace a real cigarette, but if these e-cigarettes are at least close to the real thing I would be happy.

I would imagine that the money saved makes this option well worth the investment. I also like the idea of being able to smoke at a restaurant and out in public again without getting tackled by the police and arrested as though I were doing drugs in public.[/quote]

I recommend that you must now use e-cigarette for you to be able to enjoy smoking wherever you are. Yet, you still need to be cautious because some place and or the people on that place don’t like people who smokes, whether it’s a regular cigarette or an e-cigarette. Don’t worry, it will also benefit your health.

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[quote="trlrtrash13"​ post=1875]People who smoke electronic cigarettes often don’t think of it as smoking at all ​— the preferred term is "vaping," a reference to the small, battery-operated devices that heat nicotine into a vapor that’s inhaled.

By Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

This photo illustration shows an electronic cigarette, a battery-operated device.

The gadgets, which have been on the market for four years, mimic the look of cigarettes, but because they contain no tobacco and far fewer chemicals are widely seen as safer. Yet as prices drop and more people are using them to quit smoking or circumvent smoke-free laws, new studies are questioning their use. Researchers say they may addict kids to nicotine or irritate bystanders with their vapor, but the industry says they do far more good than harm.

Young adults view the new nicotine-containing products positively and half say they’d try them if offered by a friend, particularly because they come in flavors, according to a University of Minnesota study published last month online in the American Journal of Public Health. Researchers interviewed 66 Americans, ages 18 to 26, about snus (a Swedish type of smokeless tobacco), dissolvable tobacco products and e-cigarettes, which come in bubble gum, cherry and chocolate flavors.

"There’s a danger e-cigarettes could lure in kids who might not otherwise smoke," says anti-smoking activist John Banzhaf, a professor at the George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C. He pushed for the Food and Drug Administration to regulate them.

The FDA, after finding trace amounts of toxic and carcinogenic ingredients in several samples, sought to regulate e-cigarettes as drug delivery devices. A federal judge ruled in 2010 that it lacked such authority, so the FDA is moving to regulate them as tobacco products.

"Many people use them as a bridge product" to avoid smoke-free laws ​— and as a result, they delay or avoid quitting, says David Abrams, executive director of the Shroeder Institute, operated by the anti-tobacco group Legacy. He co-authored a study in the same issue of the public health journal that found 70% of Americans believe e-cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes.

A third peer-reviewed study found that e-cigarettes may emit aerosols, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and nicotine, posing a "passive vaping" risk to bystanders. The study, by German researchers, appeared in July in Indoor Air.

Nonsense, an industry group says. "There’s no smoke. It’s water vapor. You don’t smell anything," says Thomas Kiklas, director of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. "There’s no there there" to the argument of harmful vapor, he says.

Kiklas says e-cigarettes contain only five ingredients: nicotine, water, glycerol, propylene glycol (used in inhalers) and flavorings. He says the samples FDA tested a few years ago had minuscule amounts of other ingredients, but the products have improved.

He says U.S. retailers try not to sell to kids, and he rebuffs the argument that sweet flavorings are meant to lure them, adding nicotine gum also comes in cherry. "Our demographic is 40 and above," he says.


"The amount of good we’re doing is phenomenal," he adds, because the devices help thousands of people quit cigarettes. "The technology works. smokers have embraced it."

Celebrities, so often trendsetters, have been seen vaping on screen. In The Tourist,Johnny Depp took puffs from a slim stick, saying, "It’s not a real cigarette ​— it’s electronic."

On the Late Show in 2010, actress Katherine Heigl whipped out her electronic cigarette, telling David Letterman it helped her stop smoking: "You’re blowing out water vapor, so you’re not harming anyone around you and you’re not harming yourself.

Even some in the medical community see possible benefits: "e-cigarettes may hold promise as a smoking cessation method," concluded Michael Siegel of the Boston University School of Public Health in a study published in April 2011 in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

He and two co-researchers found that two-thirds, or 67%, of the 222 smokers queried said they smoked less after using e-cigarettes for six months and nearly a third, or 31%, said they kicked the tobacco habit.

Others are more skeptical. "We’re not saying they’re safe or unsafe. We just don’t know. The responsible research needs to be done," Abrams says, adding that FDA-approved nicotine replacement devices have been thoroughly tested.

[url=​ews/health/story/2012-08-18/el​ectronic-cigarettes-smokeless-​vaping-risks/57121894/1?csp=34​news]Read More[/url][/quote]

Thank you for sharing this informative post. It will benefit to us who doesn’t have enough knowledge in electronic cigarettes.

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[quote="linda45" post=2421]I like to smoke very much but it is harmful or not. I heard about e cigarettes and i came to know that these are not so harmful. Tell me how it is not so harmful to health?

[url=http://www.smokingrevolut​]buy electronic cigarettes[/url][/quote]

Whether you are using regular cigarettes or e cigarettes, it did not change the fact that you’re still into smoking. Yet, using e cigarettes can really be less harmful than the regular cigarettes because there’s no nicotine involve in e cigarettes and it does not smell bad.

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[quote="Italianvaper&quot​; post=347]When I changed to electronic cigarettes, I purposely bought one last pack if analogs. I did not want to go through the "what am I missing" crap. I made a mental list of everything I liked about both. You know as well as I do, the analog’s list lost! How many times does something come up and you have to lay the cigarette down, or butt it only partially smoked? A lot here! My e-cig waits patiently for my return, or goes with me. It does not fall and burn clothes, floors, etc. No more "smoker’s breath". It is definitely helping my blood pressure, breathing, asthma, etc. I no longer smell like an ash tray, nor does the apartment. My e-cig won’t turn white walls brown, either! Everything I got from cigarettes I get from my electronic cigarette, and a lot of negatives I mentioned are no longer part of my life. I just feel free and happier! :cheer:[/quote]

I totally agree with you. e-cig is such a wonderful thing happened in technology era.

Go watch the World Cup in Brazil travel tips aviat – by: fifacois8794

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Hello newbie have some questions!

I’ve bought a couple of the gas station e-cigs and finally decided on giving an ego twist & protank3 a shot.. the ego twist lasted about 3 hours and just blinked 3 times and wouldn’t vape anymore and I purchased it an hour away from the house so I looked online and found a vape kiosk at my local mall.. So I purchased the lavatube setup.. I couldn’t get the protank3 to draw on the LT so I searched google and read that I needed an adapter or an aerotank base.. So I purchased a few of those online.. The only thing I’m stumped on is why this ego twist wouldn’t work after a few hours I changed the coil and nothing, so I put it on the charger and the light just stayed lit overnight.. I’m going to return it they told me a 30 day warranty… I’ve been an "analog" smoker for 16 years. I haven’t smoked in 3 days.. I’m very jazzed, and my wife is even more excited because she always riding me about smoking ;D

I’m happy to have found a forum I can pop on too and get info ect.. The lavatube is great running the 24mg/16mg nicotine at around 4.5 volts…

So I’m hoping the seasoned vapors can let me know I’m on the right track with my research so far

Dry Burning PT coils—burning smell ok?

So i am trying to take some old coils and bring them back to life. I watched a few youtube vid’s on how to dryburn coils. I took them apart, cleaned with water, dried, and then did the slow burn. It took 4-6 burns to get the coil orange, but once it glowed, it had a distinct burning smell. I thought once I did this I went too far, but on the vid’s each one the coil glows orange.

So I think for some reason I did something wrong because I am thinking the burning smell destroyed the coil.

I gave it a go with my first one and it turned out great. I am doing another 5-8 and each one I get that burning smell once the coils glow. Is this correct?


Just shopping…input please!

Not urgent, but I’ve been getting that "itch"…so please can you provide some info to help me narrow things down, for when I DO scratch it?

1 – any timeline for another batch of woodies??

2 – Mini, Grand or Low Profile Grand?
I mean, obviously there’s a tradeoff of size vs. battery life with the Mini v Grand choice but I’d appreciate
a) explanation of the Low Profile thing – what toppers do you want that for??
b) your input on the mini v. grand choice…. is a grand awkward in a shirt pocket? Does a mini burn a battery in a few hours?