Rough news today

Found out my 14yo son (lives 3 hours away from me) has been smoking for the last 6 months. I find this out barely a week after I quit. What prompted him to tell me? He saw the posts on my FB about quitting the analogs and going to vaping.

It’s tough. I don’t want him to have any addictions whatsoever.

What would you do if it was your kid? Please note, I am not saying "What will you tell me to do with MY kid?", I am curious how other people would react to this situation…or have reacted if they have already dealt with it. With all the "FOR THE CHILDREN" crap that gets spewed by people that want to ban sharp edges, underage smoking is a hot enough issue as it is. It happens. It has to be dealt with somehow. How can we expect kids to toss off a habit many of us have struggled with for decades? After all, we are the ones who are SUPPOSED to have learned self control, right?

Hi all, new to DIY eliquid and vaping

Hi all!,
I’ve been vaping for several months, but still trying to figure out my <a href="”>diy e-liquid. Right now my collection includes an ego-t 1100mAh battery, a Kanger EVOD tank, waiting on an ismoka Mega BCC and replacement coils for the EVOD — both tanks suggested by friend, also have some cheap 510 cartos I think (4pk), random basic black drip tips and several TFA flavorings.
I mixed up an e-juice about 6ml peach flavoring but not sure what I did wrong or if I added enough flavoring. It tasted "flat". I think I had flavoring 20%.

I’d like help mixing up my e-liquid tonight if anyone out there could help me? I used Tod Muller’s calculator but I want to make sure I did it right. I have ecigexpress’ 18mg unflavored PG nicotine base (I bought it when I was just starting out, ordered a 36mg tonight), PG/VG 50/50 if needed, cappuchino flavoring from TFA, and not sure what my flavor % should be — 22 or 25%, is that too high or do you’ll use higher?
When I smoked, I smoked "occasionally" and one or two a week as a social smoker. I still get cravings since I picked the nasty habit back up so I’m trying to vape 100% of the time to get away from again.
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Thank you kindly for any help :),

Keep buying coils for Nautilus or buy rebuildable?

Okay guys. Brand new here. I have been analog free for about a month now. I jumped in with both feet. I got a Provari with an Aspire Nautilus tank. I would have paid twice what I did if I knew that this was the key to finally quit smoking. I even mix my own juices. Here is my problem. I love the Nautilus but I’m having a problem with the coils. I had 3 short out (E1 code) and another 2 go from 1.6 ohms to 3.5 ohms and not work well. I’m freaking out with one coil left. My question from the pros out there is do I buy more coils or make the shift to a rebuildable? I’ve been looking at the Kayfun lite plus. (Based on reviews) I tried to rebuild my Aspire coils but they don’t seem to turn out quite right. Please let me know your thoughts and what a good rebuildable would be. Thanks for the guidance.