First Post: Hello! And I need some help with my Igo-L Hemp wick..

Hey, guys! Im happy to have found <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF, it has helped me immensely on my vaping journey so far, and I know it will continue to do so long into the future.

So I just started building coils. I wrapped a bit of hemp twine in a gutted protank coil head and stuck that in my Davide tank. Works great!! Now I just received my Igo-L and have been trying to get the perfect coil from either cotton, or hemp wick. Cotton was OK but the problem there was it was too loose. Now, I just wrapped a hemp coil, and this happened to it, after about an hour of vaping:

<a href="” title=”Name: Hemp Coil.jpg
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See the coil there is pretty hard, it is getting way too toasted, and now tastes pretty bad.

My intuition and research says that it is wrapped tooo tight, and wont wick properly. Im wondering if anyone can help shed some light onto this issue for me?

I wrapped 30 guage kanthal around 2 or 3mm hemp twine folded over on itself [forgot exactly which] with 1mm in the fold as well. I did about 6 wraps and came out with a 2.3ohm. Worked great but started to give me no vapor and poor flavor after a while.

Incidentally, it randomly dropped to 1.1ohms and now wont fire on my Vamo. I was previously vaping it at 3.0-3.2V

Ive searched the forums and the "Just Hemp" thread and couldnt find much information on this.. any tips on properly building a great hemp coil??

Thanks much in advance!!


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Please allow me to introduce myself….

I’m a man of vape and (no) flame…

I just wrote an entire post but received an error message because the post included a link. Lost the whole thing. Annoying. Therefore, I will make it brief. Actually, I was trying to add a post to another thread but apparently I need "posting privileges".

I’ve been vaping for just two months now. Was an on again/off again smoker, but for the past 8 years (when I did smoke) it was only 5 lights/day. Like clockwork. Overall, I am pleased with the vaping and haven’t had a cigarette since a few days after I began. Pros and cons to each, but considering the very serious cons to smoking, vaping is more than good enough. it’s been a fun journey so far and I look forward to enjoying it more in the future.

I purchased an itaste vv/vw v3 kit. I’m pleased with the battery. Fine for a beginner. The iclear16’s are ok, but I found the taste and vapor production lacking. Was fine to cut my vaping teeth on, but I just got a protank mini 2 and have done my first few cotton rebuilds. (That’s what I wanted to post about). Next I will be ordering an IGO-S RDA and a few cartomizers to try out (for the portability), and will go from there. Probably a badazz "mod" in the not too distant future. I wasted a lot of money unnecessarily, but that’s typical when you get into something new. I wish there was even one decent local B&M vape store around here (Montreal), but from what I have seen, they are ridiculously expensive and very lacking in terms of product lines, inventory, etc. It’s frustrating when you just want one small item (like 28 kanthal). The problem with the online resellers is the shipping charges (and the wait). Those $10 shipping charges really add up for small orders.

I’ve yet to discover a flavour of juice that I really love. I like 555 and RY4 Double, but given how they are so different from vendor to vendor (or even between batches with the same vendor) – who knows? I don’t like the fruit juices that I have tried. Tried the menthols – nice once in awhile, but that’s all. I need to give the coffees, baked, and mixes a try. So many juices…so little time. Looking forward to getting the dripper so I can easily sample different flavours.

Would like to thank the operators and posters of this forum for providing me with a lot of information while doing my research both before I jumped into vaping and in the two month since.

Scorpid mod?

Have you guys heard of the Scorpid mod? I saw it in Fasttech and it looks cool but I haven’t been able to find reviews of it anywhere<a href="” title=”Name: ImageUploadedByTapatalk1394858097.220087.jpg
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How many batteries do you have for your Provari?

I am going to order AW batteries for my 2 Provari Minis tonight. I have the extension caps and one Tatroe extender so I can also use the 18650s.

I currently have 6 of the 18350s and all I seem to do is switch out batteries during the day. I guess I vape a lot. I have 2 of the 18490s and like those. I want to get a couple of the 18650s to see how I like that setup. Just bought a backup Nitecore I4 charger.

I am thinking 2 of the 18650s and either 2 or 4 of the 18490s. Is this adequate? I will probably only use the 18350s I have for out and about.

What do you all have for a battery stable for your Provari?

I do not see any discount codes for RTDVapor. Any other sites to check for pricing and availability?

New here, first post

Hey everybody, my name is Scott. I’ve been hanging around, lurking for a little while learning everything I can. Started vaping and quit smoking January 18th. I did a lot of research at first and decided on the Smoktech Sid with a Protank 2 as my first e-cig. I enjoyed it so much I immediately quit cigarettes and haven’t had one since. My girlfriend decided to go with an ego twist and Kanger T3S. After almost 2 months, entirely too much time spent reading about vaping paraphernalia, we’ve acquired several devices and it’s become a full fledged hobby/obsession 😀

After using the Sid/Protank for a couple weeks and learning about rebuildables and Ohms law, I jumped right into mechanical mods, building my own coils, and spending lots more dollars on other mods, RBAs and tanks.

Here’s where we currently sit, and I’m sure it won’t stop here

Her: Sigelei Zmax Mini/Smoktech Champion Pyrex Nova tank
Smoktech 18350 Sid/Smoktech Champion Pyrex Nova tank V2

(She likes purple)

Me: Smoktech 18650 Sid/Smoktech Champion Pyrex Nova tank (although I dropped and broke the inner glass tube, so now I’m just using the plastic outer piece as the tank)
Smoktech 18350 Sid/Drunker tank
Infinite Stingray/Kayfun Lite
HCigar Nemesis/Pyrex RSST

<a href="” title=”Name: Our vapes.jpg
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If you couldn’t tell, we’re big fans of the Sid. The 18650 black Sid was my first purchase. It worked so well and I liked it so much I bought us both 18350 versions. I build all my own coils with cotton wicks in everything and I’ve gotten really good at it. We never use stock coils or wicks at all. My mini silver Sid and micro coiled drunker is my go to, all day, take to work vape. I love everything about it. It’s such a nice warm, flavorful vape, and I have Efest red and purple 18350s that will last me a 12 hour day (down to 3.6-3.5 volts when I usually swap batteries).

The Stingray and Kayfun came in this week and are quickly becoming my favorites. I built a vertical nano coil at 1.0 Ohm with cotton and it hits very nicely with great flavor and chucks out some decent vapor. Running Efest 35 amp purple 18650s in the mechanicals and those things rock.

Oh, and my Evo….hence EvoScott

<a href="” title=”Name: My Evo.jpg
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The Flavor Games – March 14th Edition


Because there are some new / rewritten rules for The Flavor Games, I am opening the thread early so everyone can become familiar with the new rules. The new / rewritten rules have been highlighted.

Please note: Sudden Death has been eliminated. Once you’ve won your 2nd Gift Certificate, please stop guessing.

Here is the new rule-set:

Rules of Engagement

01) Conversation is to be kept to a minimum within this thread. Please use <a href="″ target=”_blank”>…l#post10647997 for conversation. This will make it WAY easier on the Game Master. There will not be a penalty for conversation in this thread, but it will slow down the Game Master.

02) All guesses must be made in THIS thread. Guesses from other sources will NOT count.

03) Only one guess may be made per post. You may guess as many times as you like until the Game ends, subject to Rule #10.

04) Make sure your guess stands out from any other text that may be included in your post.

05) Posts (guesses) must be at least 5 minutes apart. In other words, each individual player must wait 5 minutes between guesses.

06) As the game progresses, the Game Master will "Like" your post to indicate that it has been seen. If you notice that the Game Master has missed your guess, draw it to their attention as soon as possible, indicating the Post #.

07) The first person to guess a flavor correctly (based on Post #) will win a Gift Certificate with a value that will cover the cost of a 10ml bottle plus 1st Class Domestic Postage.

08) If you have guessed correctly, the Game Master will send you a PM with the subject of Winner! to let you know you’ve won. Digimon2k will be copied on this PM unless he is also the Game Master.

09) You will need to respond to the Winner! PM by sending your Name and Email Address to Digimon2k.

10) No player may win more than two (2) Gift Certificates during any one game. Upon winning your second Gift Certificate, please discontinue play.

11) Unflavored is not a valid guess…

help taking apart king switch

the surefire king that came out today. I want a lighter spring in it. I tried to unscrew it with my hands. wouldn’t budge. I do not want to damage it. a socket with tape on it? how will I hold the recessed button? I did not bother emailing them after what I have read. otherwise I love this thing.

Is steeping a must?

I’ve watched some videos of peeps steeping and suggesting that all juice should be steeped.

The juice I buy local is magically delicious, right out of the bottle and it doesn’t smell like chemicals. Is it still necessary for me to steep? I’m up to 7 desert flavors and no problems yet. I do shake up my bottles really well before I fill.