RBA Tools (and things for those of us who are not 20something anymore)

Bought several items this week from Amazon and they worked out so well, thought I would post it. Many probably already have them, but they were new to me, so hope someone else finds this useful!

First item is a home made coil wrap tool. It is just a jewelers screwdriver with a cut off 4-40 machine screw in place of the screwdriver end. A slot is cut to hold the wire while wrapping. To remove, just bend the leg out of the slot and unscrew. Then is ready for tweezers or hemostats for torching (if making a micro coil).

Here are the close cutters pictured above which are great for snipping the wicks flush.
Xuron 170-II Micro-Shear Flush Cutter: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific
And one of the tweezers pictured above.
13cm Length Black Anti-magnetic Straight Curved Tweezers 2 Pcs – Amazon.com

<a href="http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/experiments-equipment/315623d1394855043-rba-tools-things-those-us-who-not-20something-anymore-41erkunhqxl__sy450_.jpg” title=”Name: 41ErkUNHQXL__SY450_.jpg
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Links to the rest of the stuff pictured above. The headset magnifier with LED is wonderful for those of us not in our 20’s anymore. Best thing I have bought in a while. The tackle box has two small pull out organizers for all the small parts while the larger pliers and such fit great in the top. The needle threaders are a huge help pulling cotton through the coils.

Amazon.com: Plano 1362 2-By Rack System 3650 Size Tackle Box: Sports & Outdoors
Amazon.com – Wire Needle Threader In A Tube – Hand Sewing Needle Threaders
Amazon.com – Looped Needle Threader-6/Pkg – Hand Sewing Needles
Hakko CHP-170 Micro Clean Cutter, 16 Gauge Maximum Cutting Capacity: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific
SE MH1047L Illuminated Multipower LED Binohead Magnifier – Amazon.com
Xuron 170-II Micro-Shear Flush Cutter: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific

Also, here is a link to Alligator Forceps (awesome tool):
2pcs Stainless Steel Alligator Forceps Set: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific
And regular Hemostats (straight and curved):
SE Hemostats, Curved 8" and Straight 8" – Amazon.com

OK, I admit to totally spending too much time (and money) on Amazon. I am a Amazonoholic!

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I’m New and Happy To Be Here!

Hello, everyone!

20+ year smoker. Finally done with all that mess and just trying to make sure I have a good setup before the analogs run out!

I bought a blu a couple weeks ago and was like, "I just don’t know about all this madness and these flavors are crap." So I figured the Internet would solve all my problems, as usual.

Really, I am amazed and touched by how amazing the vaping community is, especially here on <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF. The video of someone trying the secret Alice in Vapland flavor and people asking questions and getting these *amazing* detailed replies. You guys are the best.

I moved up from the blu to an ego-T that may or may not be a clone.

Wanna know something weird?

The tank it came with (plastic, black tip, tapered at the top, came with the starter kit) works better and gives me a smoother vape on the blu battery screwed into it than it does on the big-ol’ ego-T battery! Any ideas why this might be? <– I’m pretty sure that question is proof I’m a newbie because even though I googled it I’m sure the answer is something painfully obvious!

The first juice I bought for my tank is grape flavored from shazam and it tastes like grape kool aid with an aftertaste/smell of cotton candy in my nose. So at least I got some amazing flavor from my first try with ejuice.

I tried using the blunt needle tip bottle that came with my ego-T starter kit to refill the cartomizer sponge thingy, but it still just tastes like raunchy blu vanilla. (I’ll try again with that one tomorrow, it’s possible I just didn’t let it sit long enough after "spinning" the cartridge between my palms back and forth.

Thank you all for being here and being wonderful. I’m really excited to learn more and find MY perfect setup!


What Do I Buy Next?

Hi Everyone 🙂

I just started vaping 2 weeks ago. I have a 510/ego C twist * 3.2-4.8v * battery 650/900/1100mAh and I have NO CLUE what parts I need to buy next. I know coils need to be replaced and I would love to be able to have 3 or 4 e-juices ready to screw onto my battery to vape. I do not know what I need to buy to be able to do that. There are so many different variables when you are trying to buy parts.

Any advice and direction would be so greatly appreciated!


Burnt cotton taste after 1 hit …

This is my coil 5 wraps 30 kanthal 1.98mm ID 1.55ohm even vaping as low as 5 watts I get that burnt cotton taste after 1 hit. You see how saturated the coil is, and there are no hot spots, coil glows eveny from middle outwards. The pic was the first cotton wicking where I used lightly pinched amount that glides through coil with very little resistance, after that I tried using thicker twisted cotton and that lasts 3 hits on 4-5 drops. juice is 65/35 vg/pg both 18 and 24 nic. I always read less is more with cotton but I cant get it even close to right.<a href="http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/coil-builds/315621d1394854976-burnt-cotton-taste-after-1-hit-img_0560.jpg” rel=”Lightbox_0″>Burnt cotton taste after 1 hit ...-img_0560.jpg
Attached Thumbnails

<a href="http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/coil-builds/315621d1394854976-burnt-cotton-taste-after-1-hit-img_0560.jpg” rel=”Lightbox_12533323″>Burnt cotton taste after 1 hit ...-img_0560.jpg