Help please. I’m getting realllly frustrated.

I started vaping again. yay me! I haven’t had a real cigarette in 8 days and since getting wta juice, I don’t even want one. However, I’m having a terrible time finding something to vape with! As most of us, I’m trying to spend as little as possible. I just had my houseguests leave last weekend and I’m down to my normal 7 instead of the 13 that I was feeding and housing for the last three weeks. :ohmy:

Anyway, I have ego batteries. Two 650s and one 1100. I think. It’s the longest one. All I had was some old mega cartomizers from two years ago. I cleaned them very well and was just doing what I could with them but they were pretty nasty. I read and read and read some more and decided to try the Mini Nova Clearomizer and the ego V3 Dual Coil Clearomizer. I also have a dripping atomizer that is pretty great but 2-3 drops at a time is getting very annoying. That sucker’s tiny!

I got my Clearomizers in the mail today and eagerly opened them up. I filled the V3 up, made sure I didn’t get any in the tube and let it sit for a while so the wicks would soak up the juice. I’m using Aroma WTA RY4 btw. I did do a few puffs without firing but the first two or three with firing were HORRIBLE! There was no flavor, no warmth and a burnt taste on exhale. I let it sit about an hour and tried again with a freshly charged battery. Nothing again and there’s still a burnt taste on exhale. Am I doing something wrong?

I also filled up the Mini Nova, same juice, and I really don’t like it either. There’s no flavor, an extremely airy draw, the mouthpiece is too big and the vape is cool. I’ve been swapping back and forth between the two but I don’t like either one of them! Am I doomed to cartos? πŸ™

Sorry so long but I’m really aggravated. lol

Russian 91%……in black??

Just saw this today on Vapor Joe’s blog. Has anyone else heard about this? Because DO WANT!…-in-black.html<a href="” title=”Name: joe sir.jpg
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Coil Building App?

I’m wondering if anyone has seen an app released for coil building gor the iphone? I’ve seen ohms charts & such. I want something I can input my wire size & desired ohms so it will tell me "Diameter & number of wraps" NOT length of wire. Someone must have made one?? I primarily build microcoils using cotton. I have only doing single coil builds. I like 1.0-1.4 ohms. Don’t like it so hot it’s fresh out of the oven. Just warm. Vapor & clouds are nice, but I’m into the flavor. Recently got a kraken I want to build dual micros with cotton. Now, it’s my understanding that dual builds cut the ohms in half… So, 28g kanthal.. I want my completed micro dual build to be 1.0-1.2/1.3/1.4 ohms. Anyone tell me the diameter & number of wraps to accomplish this?

Burning in sub ohm

Hey y’all!
So I have never really ventured below .6-.7 ohms before, and I just decided to build a twisted 28 gauge super nano coil(I hate that name)….
But I have it sitting on some cotton which in my opinion is a decent amount.. I have it in a trident v1 with no drilled out holes, just on the 2mm stock hole….why am I getting burning? Im putting a generous amount of juice on it, my coil is basically perfect….not to toot my own horn or anything, and the cotton and coil are correctly placed….hmmm

Any advice from you sub-ohmers out there?

EDIT: and by the way…its reading at .43 ohms and there are no shorts in the coil I checked very carefully
also, I know my safety…I have a 30 amp battery and am constantly checking the heat and all that jazz so please no lectures or redditt hyperlinks to how sub ohming is dangerous…Thanks :vapor:

Extremely Broke Newbie

Hi Everyone! First I want to thank you for this forum, I’m learning a lot here!!

We’re having serious $ issues right now and I just used my last Kanger V2 wick. I’ve tried just the cotton, but it doesn’t last long and then I started watching on YT (visuals help a LOT!) and seems I’m supposed to wrapping a coil around the wick, I believe one vid said Kandal (?) 32g? I was wondering if there was a place to get like, spare parts, instead of outright buying a roll right now. If I don’t have my vape through this serious stress I’m going to snap, tinkering relaxes me, lol I can afford a roll or whatever in 2 weeks but until then, any suggestions?

OH also wanted to add that I drilled the air holes in the Kanger, and WOW amazing!!!

You guys rock and I appreciate your patience with me and all my dingbat questions, lol

(PS: I hope this was ok to put here, I was rather confused where it would go!) πŸ˜€ Crysti

question for all you DIY ejuice vapers

how much does it cost for you to make 10ml of juice roughly? like after buying all the necessities and dividing by how much you get out of it, how much does it cost to make that much? just wondering bc ive been buying juice from a local b&m and as much as I want to support them, im tired of going in there and waiting 10 minutes for my juice to be made, and have to stand in a room with a bunch of ppl vaping. I like vapers and all, but this shop has that "head shop" vibe to it, and tbh I really don’t like spending time in there. plus im sick of paying 5.50 for every 10 ml of juice. so how much do you think you save? and how much am I looking at for enough supplies lets say to last me 1 year (I vape around 10ml a day) so I would need around 3650 ml lol