FT question: Which shipping should I choose??!!

I think they have changed their shipping methods so im wondering which is the best… I noticed on my last few orders I didnt get a tracking number… not a big deal..I just want the FASTEST and FREE method….a tracking number would be even better..
I live in Southern California

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Taste buds are asleep

I am a vaper of all of 6 weeks, and a brand new member on this site. So please be kind when I screw up the protocols of membership.

I am having a terrible time finding flavors that don’t taste like chemicals. I followed directions from U Tube to make sure that my equipment isn’t at fault. Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit a vape shop where I was able to sample of 20 or more flavors. I only bought two. The rest had a strong chemical taste. The owner and I decided the problem was with my taste buds. I smoked for over 50 years (yes I’m a member of the Geriatric set) so I wondered if anyone has had this type of experience, and if so how long until your taste buds worked well again?

I will really appreciate any info or advice offered.



Drip Tip

Hello, I am looking for this certain drip tip in the picture and cannot find it anywhere. I have my gf breathing down my neck for it. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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