Newbie vapor, been reading the site for a few weeks now. decided to register

Hey all. I’m only 2 weeks into the world of vaping. but I’ve been doing my research and just wanted to say this has been one of the best sources for me since i started vaping.

I hooked myself up a few weeks ago with an MVP 2.0 and a Protank 2. There’s a shop in my town (Chico CA represent!) that makes their own organic juice (or 50/50, whatever you want, they’ll do it). and I’ve been quite enjoying it a lot. I’m 2 years off of cigs, but I started smoking Swicher Sweets in July, and I was trying to find a good way to not harm myself, but still get my nic fix.

I Almost started with Blu’s (I Think everyone does that?) and after a little more research, I found mod‘s. I haven’t had a bad experience yet with my protank, especially after turning the grommet upside down. (That helped A LOT).

I Found the forum via, where I’m sure most of you are at also (I Use the same username there too).

anyways, Just wanted to say Hi from a new vapor:)’s "CAPTION THAT PICTURE" Contest – Come On Over and play!


You may post one caption for the following picture everyday. I will choose a winner based on what I feel is the best caption. The winner will receive a 37ml bottle of vape juice or a 17ml bottle of <a href="”>diy Flavor Extract


This contest will run through Saturday March 15th. Have fun and let the game begin. 🙂