Magic at $20

I opened up another thread a while ago (<a href="” target=”_blank”>Magic at $50?) and asked for a decent vaping solution that could be done in $50 for a first time user. I have persuaded two other people to join this cause with me we settled on Kanger EVOD starter kit for now.

The question is what can $20(can be exclusive of shipping) do for me in terms of juice for a whole month, instead of flavors I would much rather you guys place down the most value for money suppliers here or out of <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ecf. Packet a day smoker here.

Preferences are obviously ability to order 100% vg with choice to opt for pg/vg mixture, must ship to Pakistan, must not be paypal only. Unfortunately Yaeliq came real close as per a recommendation from a member here but their Paypal only part is a problem as Pakistani CC’s or DC’s are not accepted on Paypal.

P.S Btw, do menthol flavors have tobacco flavor in em or they are just pure menthol like the name states? If I were looking to get rid of the whole tobacco/ analog flavor which categories should I limit myself too fruits? beverages?:s

California, flavored cartomizers, and bureaucrats who invent their own laws

I know there have been a couple of previous threads on this subject, but I think it bears revisiting, and repeatedly, because anyone who claims to care about the rule of law should be absolutely outraged by it.

For those who don’t know, a little over two years ago, California Deputy Attorney General Jeanne Finberg decided, all on her own and unsupported by any legal statute, that it was illegal to sell non-tobacco-flavored cartomizers by mail order in the state of California. She began sending out cease-and-desist orders to all the major national suppliers (Blu, Green smoke, V2, etc.), who, in a troubling display of gutlessness and disregard for the interests of their customers, simply rolled over and gave in to the threat, plainly illegal though it was and still is. The rationale behind the order, of course, was that any non-tobacco flavor is a blatant attempt to target children, since everybody knows that the day you turn 18, you permanently stop liking things that taste good.

Ms. Feinberg’s policy, even if it were legal, fails the common sense laugh test by a number of different criteria. First, it applies only to pre-filled cartomizers and only to mail order. You can go to any brick-and-mortar vape shop in California and buy fruit-flavored cartos to your heart’s content. Conversely, you can buy all the fruit-flavored e-juice you want by mail order, as long as it’s in a bottle.

Second, it’s already illegal for minors to buy e-cigs or any of their components, either by retail or mail order, and California law requires age verification for all online purchases of any product containing nicotine or designed to facilitate the delivery of nicotine.

In other words, Ms. Finberg’s lone-wolf policy is not only prima facie illegal, but it’s also redundant and superfluous. There is no possible scenario where it could "protect" any child from anything; the only practical result is that adult consumers (also known as "voters" and "taxpayers") who might want to order a pack of coffee-flavored cartomizers are punished and unduly inconvenienced for no possible good reason whatsoever.

California has no shortage of laws that are poorly reasoned, nonsensical, absurd, counterproductive, or all of the above. Most of them, however, were enacted through an actual legislative process as prescribed by law. They were not dreamed up by a single bureaucrat who chose to appoint herself the sole arbiter of what’s legal and what isn’t.

Here’s the key question as I see it: Just how dangerous a precedent does it set that this has been going on for two years without any meaningful legal challenge from anyone? It’s not my habit to use words like "fascism" in a flippant manner, but what other word are we supposed to use when government officials are allowed to make and enforce laws off the top of their heads with apparently total impunity? It’s easy to blow the whole thing off and say "Pfft, big deal, it’s just some e-cig cartridges," but we’re talking about an open and brazen subversion of both the democratic process and the rule of law. Even if I didn’t know a vaper from a viper, this would scare the living bejeezus out of me.

Oh no – not that Consumer Reports article again, this time in WaPo

(You can paste the whole thing into your browser – the extra line doesn’t matter.)

This thing started appearing a month ago, for a while network affiliates were passing it around under the title "e-cigarettes Under the Microscope." Consumer Reports published it a week later in their online and print editions. It also comes in a video version, that network affiliates were patching on to the end of their lame video reports, after they added the obligatory splash of "local color."

I thought we were rid of this piece of garbage for good about a week ago … and then I saw it picked up by some cheesy network affiliate today, still with the "under the microscope" title. (I wondered whether they’d just made a mistake and had intended to run a story about Baby Jessica again.)

Little did I realize that it would resurface in WaPo. With all the effective ANTZ messaging going around today … you’d think they could’ve dug up something more recent.

Yecch. This deserves letters and comments, as well as an air sickness bag. (Do we have a smiley for that?)


I’ve got around 100 bottles of various juices that I’ve bought over the past year. I’m getting bored and wanting something to clean my palate. I vape on a regular basis a lot of WTA juices, bakery, coffee, etc. I go to my backup, light menthol, now and again since I was a menthol smoker. But it doesn’t clear the vaper’s tongue. I usually rotate a tobacco and a sweet juice all day long. Any suggestions?

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