Adapter for Kanger Mini Protank 2

Hi, I have a Volcano Inferno battery which is a 510 threaded ego clone but does not have the extra ego threading. I am receiving a Kanger Mini Protank 2 which I read is ego treaded and will not work on my battery unless I have a 510 to ego adapter. My question is can I use the 510 to ego shorty adapter or do I have to use the regular 510 to ego adapter. I know the shorty is low profile but don’t know if it will screw into the battery and mini protank and still get a connection. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

My little REO

so My wife’s hedgehogs had baby’s recently and she told me when they sell I can use the money from one to get a new reo.
The problem is I fell in live with one and I think I will be keeping him. So the only solution I could come up wit it this.

Meet Baby boy REO 🙂

Please help in getting my first kit

I am sorry if its the wrong place to ask this question but ….

Ok, so I recieved my first cigalike yesterday and the throat hit and overall experience was not great, and I do not think I would be able to stay away from analogue’s with them.

After reading on <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF and a bit more search, I am liking the Vamo V5. Please help me in completing my order to make it a complete kit. I know I need batteries and clearomisers. Anything else? Though please suggest any alternative if I should get something simpler for my first device.

Oh btw do suggest with links if possible, the specific batteries and clearomiser I should order. And in what quantity? I am in India so everything would be internationally shipped so need quite a few backups, so whatever the initial cost, I would like to not order again for 6 months.

For juice I guess I am going for HHV’s dragon fire and dark horse.

Complete diy NOOB, need help! (100%VG)

Hey you juice masters out there, can you help a brother out and give him a crash course on making your own juice?
I’m looking to make:
-A 100% organic VG juice
-want as least "harsh/unnatural" substances as possible (don’t care much for ethyl alcohol, but will deal if I have to)
-will probably be using natural ingredients (I like fruity,creamy, and minty/herby flavors (spearamint, tea leaves, pistachios etc.), I’ve actually really enjoyed alot of alcohol based flavors like (champagne, wine, even scotch)
-don’t mind paying for quality or the purest ingredients possible

That’s a rundown of what I’m hoping to do, I hope I didn’t leave too much out as I’m completely new to it. I figured I’d check with my <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF bros and sis’s and see if they could give me any hard-earned tips, or maybe a simplified idea of where to even begin. I know there are plenty of tutorials/recipes on this site and I plan on researching all of them and then some, I just couldn’t wait!

-Thanks in advance! Off to research, I’ll keep an eye on this thread though.