coil builds and tips ?

ok guys im looking for some new coil builds. im using a king and a nemmy and an igo w with 1.8 air holes with a vct4.

i have 30-24g kanthal and 28 and 26 nichrome.

i want a build that will blow clouds and give me great flavor.

also what is a parallel build ive seen people talking about them everywhere but never seen one or saw how to do one

Need help with mystery ingredient… tastes like pepper maybe?


I’m trying to come up with a clone to two flavors that I enjoy. One being a tobacco that has a taste of honey to it and another a custard.

Both of these are amber in color and both have this peppery taste when I taste the juice itself. Since I’m new, I’m wondering if there is a common ingredient between the two that I haven’t run across yet and wanted to ask here for some help. With the samples I’ve made so far, I’ve come really close on the custard and so so on the tobacco. But I noticed that all my samples are light in color, almost clear and the two store bought are golden. So I’m hoping there is this mystery ingredient out there with a peppery taste and makes juice turn golden/amber colored πŸ™‚

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!


Are you ready for a 100 watt mod?…Of course you are! (Gi2)

Holy brainhurt vapeman! The Gi2 is on it’s way! I’m really excited for this 80’s cellphone sized mod, I know their are similar one’s but they are jimmy rigged compared to this one. If your looking to pre-order one (like I have huehuehuehue) they are about $300, she looks purdy and she puts out! I know my main man Rip would be all over this there’s a video of it after the picture. :vapor::vapor::vapor::vapor:

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Gi2 mod Sneak Peek – YouTube


*EDIT* I honestly thought there’d be more support for this, before everyone on the site says this is stupid/pointless I’m personally buying it because I hate charging batteries, not because I want to be sucking on a light-bulb all-day. I’m a relatively low wattage guy anyway, I actually like 6.8 for my all day vaping and sometimes 7-10 depending on my dripping setup, and everyones missing the point that this is almost intentionally supposed to be stupid, for experimenting and doing the "why not?", I personally get bored all the time and experiment with different coils all the time, and now this is my power-source. It’ll obviously stay at home in my favorite smoking chair, and I’ll be vaping on 7 watts for days, maybe weeks.

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PT2 with aerobase…PT3 heads?

So I have a Protank 3 and my roommate has a Protank 2. Both have aerobases. As far as I know, the only difference in the two tanks now is what number they say. Since he’s using an aerobase (aeros use the dual coil heads), he can use the dual coil heads, right? Seems simple, I know, but I know supposedly PT2 heads are forward compatible, and PT3 heads aren’t backwards compatible, although I never knew why.

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Please help me, few questions

So I think this is called a lavatube? and an a7 atomizer, a few questions here. Any help would be greatly appreciated, As I have been stressing trying to figure this stuff out for a while now.

1)does anyone know if this is considered and RDA or RBA?

2)would this work with BHO?

3)Do the coils need to be adjusted? my mod is not mechanical, what exactly does this mean??

4) they said something about not being able, or only being able, to run the thing at 1.8 ohms because its not mechanical, can anyone elaborate on what they meant?

5)Is there a way to make it so I have an SS mesh Instead of the wicking material that it is?

6) what voltage can i safely run this at? If I try to check my ohms on my device it reads 1.2, a second ago it was 1.0.

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Iclear 16b head drastic resistance increase…

I have a iclear 16b I got with my mvp v2 purchase, found I get a decent amount of flavor with my 50/50 juices with it. I actually enjoy it a lot more than my Iclear 30b. I’m a few weeks in and I realize a slight increase in resistance is to be expected from gunk on the coil. I clean with hot distilled water and a "plunger" device I made myself (works fairly well although I cannot get access to the coil to closely inspect). Anyway it went from 2.1 to 2.4 in .1 increments fairly slowly. Then today, after cleaning and drying overnight, I filled with some "new to me" El kamino from good life vapor, checked the resistance at the end of the fill and it jumped from 2.4 to 4.9! That’s a pretty drastic jump to me… So question being, do I have a coil that’s about to fail? Or is there any chance to save it? And what could be the reason it drastically jumped? I do have spares just curious about what’s going on in there…

an update on my vaping experience 3-5 days in.

Okay. so i’m not sure how long i’ve been vaping, i’m a little drunk right now and don’t want to do the math. somewhere between 3 and 5 days. started out with an ego c twist, ego c pass through, and aspire bdc vivi nova s & aspire ec-5 tanks.
as of now, i’ve got those, a pro tank 3, a kanger aerotank, as well as an mvp 2.0 on the way. i dig the pt3.
i’ve tried a variety of e-liquid, most of them were horrible and i’ll probably be posting up on the pif thread soon.
turns out i really like fruity flavors, and really dig the virgin vapor line.
havent figured out if i like 50/50 or 100%vg mix best yet.
i’m still smoking about 5-6 real cigarettes a day, but thats down from 30. not bad. i’m currently using 12mg juice, thinking if i up it to 18mg i may be less likely to smoke real cigarettes.
researching rta’s, definitely need to find a good beginner one. one that’s bdc. i don’t like hot vapor even though i smoke harsh cigarettes.
thats all i’ve got atm. i’ll post again when i’m less tipsy. πŸ˜›