Evic illumination – by: illumivape

Im looking to take an evic and make a clear tube. Then I wanna wrap the tube in el wire. The smallest inverter I can find wont fit where I want it. In the front cap. But if I make the tube about and inch or so longer I should be able to make it work to where it i llumivapes. Meaning it lights up in the neon color of choice when I vape. Sounds easy but I wanna get a little more info before I mess with the vv/vw. I know I can do a mod this way but its just not reckless enough.



Now that I’ve ordered

It’s only taken me three years of egos to finally order my Black/Red hybrid ProVari Mini. But, I want it now! :p Ok, I’ll quit whining, I’ve waited this long I can wait a few more days. While I wait I can go shopping for a really cool looking tip to match my hybrid. Happy vapeing everybody.

134 Mini Trumps the Provari?

OK not really, but I got you in here!

For anyone who may have noticed from my WTB in the forum after buying my first Provari I wanted a Mini in Cherry Red for my at work vape device. Unfortunately one was not forthcoming and I was also waiting for the 134 Mini to arrive on the market.

Today I took the 134 Mini to the job with a Kayfun in mini mode and the combination was perfect for in the pocket stealth vaping in the stairwell and parking garage vaping. The 134 in 18350 mode feels awesome in the hand and with the Kayfun lite plus in mini mode was perfect for the at break vape.

I love the full size 134 at 11 watts for driving a Kayfun built at 2ohms and the 134 does not disappoint for a great pocket device. I would still like to find a like new Cherry Red Provari Mini but I am not missing it as much now that I have the 134 Mini for work.

Again in just sharing and vape on!

RBA vs. RDA vs. Genesis

Ok I am not a complete noob when it comes to rebuildables but as of now, I am only familiar with RDA’s and I own an IGO-W dual coil built by myself (though I might change to a patriot). I want something that I can use when on the go like when I am driving and not need to constantly drip juice on the wick. I still want a rebuildable though, once I’ve gone sub ohm vaping I won’t go back lol. I came across a genesis style atomizer that seems to meet these standards but I hear they leak a lot. This is a big let down because I don’t exactly want something prone to leakage. Then I came across an RBA but it seems like it’s the same as a genesis.

If anyone can just clear this up for me and let me know which one is better for my needs, that would be great. The main points I need are:

  • Not prone to leakage
  • Has a tank to hold a decent amount of eliquid
  • Is a rebuildable and can handle a dual coil.

I have SS Rope and ekowool on hand ready to build it I just need a proper atomizer that meets my needs. Thanks for the help!

Protank 2, Evic, 28 gauge kanthal. Barely a puff. Sad face.

Ok, so I am calling out everybody who has done a rebuild on a protank using 28 gauge kanthal and had positive results. I have been at it for a couple days now and had many that ‘work’ but I’m not so sure it’s possible to have ‘superior’ results with my gear.

What I have going right now is a vertical coil measuring 1.4 ohms. Sadly, I’m running on an evic and can’t run it over 3.92V, or 11W.

I’m about at the end of my rope right now. It takes over a second to get the vapor production started. All I have is 28 gauge wire, my protank, and my evic. Anybody got any suggestions on what I can do to get some good vapes out of my gear until I venture down to the USA where I can buy a real mod and not get price-raped?

Thanks guys. I’d love the help.


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Got my first Woodvil, What are its limitations? How low Ohms? Dual coil?

Ok so just for my first Woodvil, Actually my first Reo ever..

I am using a Cyclone RDA on my 18490 Woodvil and currently running 1.1 ohms, 28g.

I am wondering how low can i go in Ohms before anything bad happens?

Can the woodvil handle dual coils? say if i had 2, 2.0 ohm coils running in at 1.0hm?

Just curious and figured i would ask before i do anything and start blowing stuff up and or melting anything. I am not looking to do any crazy sub ohm stuff ( which i know cannot be done ) i am just curious whats the lowest i can go safely?

Just seems like this 1.1 ohm micro coil i built isn’t doing it for me. Tight micro coil, very little cotton, coil lined up as close to air hole as possible.

Should I slow down if my tank gets hot?

I’m using a kanger protank 2 with a 2.2 ohm head (usually between 3.6 and 4 volts. I really love making big ‘ol clouds but sometimes the bottom of the tank and the "beauty ring" start getting pretty warm after a few quick hits.

Does this mean the head is getting old or am I just going to at it too hard? Or do you think I may need to up my nic %?:vapor: