EVIC hardware versions – by: garyss

HI guys
I am going to buy an EVIC and somewhere on the vast net I read there were at least two versions of the hardware.
One of them has two screws in the top of the device where the cleramizer would fasten. The other has no screws

I have seen both at Zee-cigs.
My question is which is newer and is there any advantage to either
Thanks in advance


Holy perfect beer vape batman!

I recently had the H1N1 I got from Nicoticket finish steeping and have been vaping it for about a week and I was a little disappointed. It was a bit too earthy for my taste but was still a very nice chance from the sweeter vape‘s that dominate my rotation.

All this changed last night though. I was out getting a few drinks with some buddies and decided to pop the H1N1 in.

Sweet baby jesus it was good!

The earthy notes in the H1N1 blending with the dark tones of the Ale to become something indescribable.

Do any of yall have combinations like this? it more than redeemed the juice for me. 🙂