Eliquids and quitting smoking.

When one decides to quit smoking, they are bound to come under pressure to go back to the habit. With nicotine being an additive element, it is not always easy to stay away from it. Sometimes you may feel like going back to smoking and never to try quitting. Electronic cigarette are designed to help those looking to quit smoking to do so with ease. They contain eliquid that can be flavored to ones taste. For beginners, it is advisable to start with thick-flavored ejuice that contains high nicotine levels. The levels can gradually be reduced as one gets used to vaping. The thickness of ejuice gives one a feeling similar to that of smoking an ordinary cigarette. It is therefore important for those abandoning smoking in favor of electronic cigarettes to look for a reputable ejuice vendor as this is what holds the key to a successful switch.

Bedford Slims E-Cig Review! – by: VapaJay

Hey guys – back with another review!

When I first found myself on the [url=http://www.jayvapes.com/b​edford-slims-review-sexiest-e-​cig-ever/]Bedford Slims[/url] website I was attracted by the fact that their products just ‘looked’ so cool. Their batteries come in all sorts of stylish designs and look quite different from any other cigalike batteries that are on the market.

And I have to say they looked even better in person! This kit is probably the most aesthetically pleasing kit that I’ve come across to date… and the flavors and LUSH too.

Anyway here’s my full review:


Advantages of vaping.

Electronic cigarettes have been touted as the best alternative to cigarette smoking due to a number of reasons. Many of the people looking to quit smoking are no doubt current smokers who would like to first understand the benefits of quitting.
Electronic cigarette do not have a distinctive smell.-smoke from electronic cigarettes is not only harmful to the health of the smoker, but to that of other people in close proximity to the user. In fact, cigarette smoking is not allowed in many public places. Electronic cigarettes do not have a bad odor because the user releases vapor that evaporate almost straight away.
Cigarette smoking will cost you more- The cost of cigarettes currently averages at $8 to $12 depending on where you live. The high cost is as a result of inflation or rising cost of tobacco production. Electronic cigarettes are not party to this dilemma. Whereas the cost of a starter kit may be higher, the overall cost of electronic cigarettes is about half of what a smokers incurs monthly.

Why it is not always easy to quit smoking.

It is difficult for smokers to quit due to a number of reasons. To start with, there is a powerful drug called nicotine that is found in cigarettes. This addictive drug has the capacity to control your brain. The drug makes one feel alert in the same way that coffee does. Additionally, nicotine makes one calm and focused. It also gives one a feeling of happiness and works as an anti- depressant. Nicotine takes only a short time to make your body and brain addicted to it. If you don’t smoke for a full day, you get a feeling of discomfort and sickness. These are some of the things that make it hard for smokers to quit.

Electronic cigarettes- aiding smokers to quit.

Despite the public being well aware of the dangers of smoking, it has not always been easy for many people to quit this habit. For a number of years now, companies have been on the business of innovating and making smoking cessation devices. Smoking addicts have tried all these products to quit this habit. One of the most recent products targeting smokers is the electronic cigarette, otherwise known as e-cigarette. Electronic cigarettes incorporate a design similar to that of traditional cigarettes and even emit vapor that resembles smoke, nonetheless, they don’t have any tobacco. Nicotine vapor is inhaled by a user but this vapor is free from all harmful carcinogens present in tobacco smoke. These carcinogens are not only harmful to the user but can also harm those near him or her.
Electronic cigarettes are fitted with a nicotine cartridge that contains liquid nicotine. When a vaper inhales, a small atomizer powered by a battery helps turn part of this liquid to vapor. Once a user inhales nicotine vapor, they get a feeling of nicotine in their throat within seconds. e-cigarettes feature a LED light tip. This is the light that glows orange when a user inhales resembling a traditional cigarette.
Nicotine cartridges differ in their strengths. Some have moderate strength while others have full strength. The aim of having different strengths is to help people looking to quit smoking by giving them an option on the level of strength that suits them as they slowly quit smoking.
One of the reasons as to why electronic cigarettes are better than gum or nicotine patches is because the nicotine hit is quicker. Again, an electronic cigarette offers the user the chance of inhaling smoke in form of vapor.
Electronic cigarettes are also advantageous from a financial viewpoint. While the initial cost of an electronic cigarette may seem higher at first, in the long run, the user will definitely save money.

Vital tips on buying ejuice

Finding a reliable ejuice vendor is not an easy task. The number of vendors selling substandard ejuice is on the rise. Sometimes you might not tell the difference between good quality ejuice and poor quality ejuice until you use it in your electronic cigarette. Some vendors take advantage of newbie’s inability to determine who among the vendors in the market is dependable in terms of ejuice quality. One of the ways that new vapers can use to establish the quality of ejuice is to seek guidance from friends. If you have a friend who vapes, you can request them to assist you find a good ejuice vendor. You can also seek information from online sites such as vaping forums and blogs. This is where you can ask other members to assist you in finding a reliable vendor. Depending on the response from members, you can decide on who among those recommended best suits your requirements. Compare the prices and the pg/vg ratio before picking your preferred vendor. You may opt for a monthly delivery if you think this is what suits you best. If you like the vendor, you can henceforth engage them on different issues concerning your ejuice. You may ask them for a thick flavor or ask them to deliver your ejuice at home instead of the office if that suits your schedule. All this will depend on what you want and what is convenient for you. Many vendors who are genuinely in business will be willing to hear from you on how best they can make your vaping experience enjoyable.

Aspire Nautilus

I just got the Aspire Nautilus and all I can say is that it is awesome.

Besides a minor leakage problem when I first started with it, the flavors it produces are amazing. As close to a dripper for taste as I have found.

Certainly not in the Kayfun category but it is definitely above and beyond any iclear or protank product out there.

You do have to crank your VV to between 9-10 to get the “good hit” which kills batteries faster, but very much worth it.