Romuluz Hybrid! 100% pinoy hybrid mod – by: vapersville


Hybrid at its finest!!!

– 1st in the world to provide an easy replaceable tank system, stack all the juice you want and easily interchange it without ruining your build.
– PYREX GLASS TANK!!!!!!!!!!
– Genesis tank that can flush fit on any 22mm personal vaporizer
– Flush fit your any drip type atomizer on the body itself
– Chambered atomizer for that great throat hit and and intense flavor experience
– Incorporated Roman Numeral engravings, A different take on the usual serial numbers.
– No need for syringe when refilling liquid
– you can carry spare tanks so you can bring other liquids


Re: North Texas Vapers May meet – by: OldWestChris

Are vaper meets growing in popularity? I hope so. I have always enjoyed going to cigar meets and conventions to meet other smokers and to check out new smoking accessories and cigars. Those events help me determine what cigars I am going to order from my online supplier, which is why I hope the vaper events continue to grow.

Are the North Texas events growing? I would enjoy finding a few events like that and might even make the trip to Texas to check one out.

Re: I admit it. I’m a juice snob. – by: OldWestChris

Both of your flavors seem to be tobacco oriented. You might want to try the Canadian Full Flavor Tobacco as another alternative. To me it has a little more of a cigar taste than cigarette taste, which is perfect for me, since I still smoke cigars.

It has a slightly spicy taste with a little bit of a floral aroma to the juice. I cannot really equate it to any cigars I have purchased, but it does have a pleasant flavor. I need to try the two NLV flavors you mentioned. They sound like they would be a good addition for when I cannot light up a cigar.


I try many flavors of juices, but always return to tobacco flavors due to my continuing cigar smoking. One of the best tobacco flavors I bought recently was Canadian Full Flavor Tobacco. It has a good rich taste that is hard to find.

One of these days, someone is going to match the flavor of a Padron or an Arturo Fuente. At that moment, I may give up cigar smoking forever. Until then, I will keep smoking cigars when the mood strikes and enjoying my e-cig when society demands.