My favorite is El Toro Puro Naturales because it has the closest flavor to a real cigar. I have mentioned the Canadian Full Flavor Tobacco on the forum before. It is another good choice. Dragon’s Fire HHV is another very good tobacco flavored juice.

Those are my top three. As you might guess, those three are my favorites because I love the tobacco flavor I get from my cigars and want to keep it when I need to smoke my e-cig instead. Those 3 flavors are a good alternative, but still not as full-bodied as an excellent Cuban, Honduran, or Nicaraguan cigar.

Who is Vapers Ville – by: vapersville

Hi vapers,

I am [b]vapers Ville[/b] from the Philippines. I am a distributor of pinoy liquids, mods, atomizers, vape accessories. I only supply authentic pinoy mods and no clones.

Clones does not have that same quality as the original =)

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Romuluz Hybrid! 100% pinoy hybrid mod – by: vapersville


Hybrid at its finest!!!

– 1st in the world to provide an easy replaceable tank system, stack all the juice you want and easily interchange it without ruining your build.
– PYREX GLASS TANK!!!!!!!!!!
– Genesis tank that can flush fit on any 22mm personal vaporizer
– Flush fit your any drip type atomizer on the body itself
– Chambered atomizer for that great throat hit and and intense flavor experience
– Incorporated Roman Numeral engravings, A different take on the usual serial numbers.
– No need for syringe when refilling liquid
– you can carry spare tanks so you can bring other liquids