G’day from SC… – by: aussie

G’day everyone. Was on walkabout round the old ecig forums…. and realized to my dismay… there are a lot of wankers running forums. Seems they are promoting their own product… no harm in that, but if you are an authentic forum.. then there has to be room for others to do the same.
This market is to bloody big to be a greedy little hermaphrodite and sledge others for talking about what they like…. just because its something you don’t sell…. Then I came across you blokes…. had a peruse through your gear…. and thought to meself…. bloody rippa…. a forum that doesn’t ban people for having an opinion…. too good.
Well we are about to start our own vape store here in Columbia sc. There are a few around already… and we have done the rounds.. and I have even painted some signs for one of them… I reckon we can do a little better…besides.. competition is healthy right?? right??
So whats an Aussie doing in SC? I lost a bet lol.. actually I have travelled around the world airbrushing and just happened to end up here… .. was a two pack a day smoker for 30 years.. and 5 months ago grabbed me an ecig and have been vaping since… bloody great mate. So, if any of you fella’s have 5 minutes and would like to educate an old Aussie digger… drop me a line or say g’day and we’ll see what happens.. Cheers everyone. Hope everyone has had a great week. Aussie.

Frii is running another promotion

I saw that Frii was giving away an ipad wanted to let everyone know.

I took part in their last promotion where they were giving away free ecigs and I know some others who received them and thought it was cool that they did that.

Here is the link to the promotion
<a href="http://e-smoke-reviews.com/frii-ipad-giveaway/” target=”_blank”>http://e-smoke-reviews.com/frii-ipad-giveaway/

Is the electronic cigarette industry unfairly demonised by the worldwide media?

If you look at the worldwide media today you would be forgiven for assuming that electronic cigarette companies around the world are against further regulation and indeed against medical trials. But is this the reality?

If you take a step back and look at the situation, you will find that the reliable and responsible electronic cigarette companies around the world have no issue with quality controls, no issue with regulations to ensure that electronic cigarettes do not fall into the hands of minors and indeed they have no issue with future medical trials to clear up any rumours with regards to health implications.

Is it fair to say the industry is demonised unfairly?

Is the regulatory issue all about money or health?

There are many sceptics who have a passion for electronic cigarettes that believe regulatory issues appearing around the world are more to do with money and taxes than health.

Sometimes we need to remember that regulators have an obligation, indeed a duty, to protect their citizen’s health but maybe the tobacco industry, and the massive taxes it raises on behalf of governments, is more powerful than we give it credit for?